Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mixing It Up - Summer Rotation

It's time for Show and Tell Friday hosted by Cindy over at My Romantic Home.
Come on over and see a wide variety of special posts from all over blogland.

A couple of months ago here on TLRT I shared some of my green mixing bowls
from the 30s and 40s in an antique pine cabinet. 

Since we built this house about 3 years ago I have not had a place to showcase
my collection of mixing bowls in one place, so I now rotate them a couple of times
a year.  I'm finding that small batches of bowls make for more enjoyment and bringing
out a new group is like Christmas, whatever time of year it might be.

Here are the greens.

And here is the new look as summer approaches. Please note that I didn't paint the walls
since the original post ..... it's the new camera that requires no flash inside the house and
doesn't fade the color of the walls like the old camera with flash.  I'm still in the very early
stages of learning how to use the new camera, so bear with me.

Thanks for stopping by for Show and Tell Friday, hope to see you again soon!


  1. I have fallen in love with your collection of mixing bowls!

  2. Fabulous collection! Wowsers! Sincerely, Susan

  3. Hi Candy! I think you're dong an excellent job with your new camera! I love your bowls. My, did you build your house to go with all of your pretty dishes? :)
    Be a sweetie,

  4. Thanks to all of you for coming by to see some more of my mixing bowls. I'm all excited to see them again, it's like visiting with old friends.

    Sheila, I did design the house not only for my dishes, but for my furniture too! :-) This is the last house we will build from the ground up and we designed it just for us and how we live. Small enough for us to keep up and every facet included for the way we use spaces from day to day. It's been a joy.


  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely, just lovely. What I wouldn't do for just one of those on display! The display is perfect and the pieces are the subject but I love your floor too!

  6. I love the bowls!! I am new to your blog and I really enjoy it. Your pictures are so beautiful-what kind of camera do you use?

  7. Beautiful bowls, perfectly displayed!

  8. Hi Candy!

    Beautiful collection and display!


  9. Gorgeous! How come I didn't know mixing bowls were so pretty and textural and so much like ART?! I need to get out more. I adore the cabinet as well!

  10. What a collections of mixing bowls, really remarkable, love them all!


  11. Thank you all for your generous comments! I just love my mixing bowls.

    Thank you Barbara, it is a Nikon D90 with the kit lens (comes as a package deal).

    Hope to see you all for other parties during the week ahead.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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