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Sunday Favorites: It's All About Eggs - A Cloche Party

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Originally posted on February 18, 2010
This is my first time joining a Cloche Party over at A Stroll Through Life.
I'm new to the "cloche" idea, other than in the garden, so this is a whole new adventure
for me. Join all the other "clochers" along with our hostess Marty to see their fabulous creations.

I'm deviating from the "Winter" theme, because it is really SPRING here in Northern
California!  There are baby calves all over the grazing lands that surround our property,
the birds are singing their pretty heads off, and my garden is coming back to life after
a wet, cold and frosty winter monsoon season.

I had a hard time coming up with ideas of how to decorate my cloche(s) for the
party ....... it is harder than it looks or is it just me?  But, finally this morning
I was inspired to go with a sure sign of Spring ..... EGGS.  And thanks to a
timely delivery by the cute guy in the brown suit driving his big brown truck,
I was able to put it together by the skin of my teeth!

Birds aren't the smartest cookies on the block, but they do provide hours
of free entertainment.  If you've been reading my blog lately, you may have seen some of
the images I've been able to capture of the quail convention being held on our patio.

Over the years we've had quail lay eggs in the oddest places ...... right by the front door,
in pots on the patio, usually at the busiest most accessible locations to be found.  They are then prey to all the fretting of dealing with cats, dogs, kids, and the big scary UPS truck.
The nesting urge hits them and they plop right down and get to work creating a nest,
without any thought to the consequences.  I've learned to shoo them away and
tear down those nests in vulnerable locations, since the results are usually tragic.

We have had some successful birds nest in these odd places over the years, but not many.

Right by the front door, this was a successful endeavor, but only because I roped
off the front porch for a few weeks until Mama could get her brood hatched
and out of that prickly asparagus fern to safety.

The clutch of egg below was at the sidewalk level under the mailbox and
was most likely destroyed by racoons.

Mourning Doves aren't any smarter ...... but this ever vigilant pair did
manage to raise their two babies and get them safely down from a nest right
above the patio slider.

About now you must be asking yourself what this has to do with a Cloche Party ......
 yes you are, I see you hitting that scroll wheel trying to find the connection!

It is Spring and birds will do their thing, silly birds!

My faux nests and eggs will be safe from their larger feathered friends, racoons, the
UPS truck and the coyotes, since they will remain all nestled in their cloche havens.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my first attempt at the "cloche" encounter!

I received a lot of emails asking where I purchased the cloche in the center, so I've
posted the details here.

And one that didn't make the cut ...... early this morning ..... trying to become inspired
and it wasn't working.

Garden Gate


  1. Candy, Your cloches are lovely! I especially like the one with the nest of green eggs. What I liked most about your post, though, was you sharing about the quails and your kindness to them. I really love your header, too - so colorful and springy.

  2. I just love quails! I think they are so cute. When I lived in the country we had quite a few on our ranch. Now we live in town and have doves. Lots and lots of doves. I have bird feeders all around my house because my husband and I both love to watch them all congregate in our yard! Your cloches are all so beautiful! You have a great collection going on and the nests look precious in them! Marcia

  3. Hi Candy,

    How beautiful and relaxing listening to the music. Your house and cloches are fantastic. You take great pictures as well especially the eggs. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Such beautiful cloches..and I really enjoyed seeing the silly quails on your patio and their nests..I didn't know they would just nest anywhere! LOL

    Miss Bloomers

  5. Hi Candy...

    Ohhh...I love cloches!!! I love them in all sizes and shapes! Your etched cloche is simply gorgeous...I'd love to find one like that! Now, it really doesn't get any sweeter than bird's nests and eggs...especially when decorating for spring! I really enjoyed your pretties...soooo perfect in every way! Thank you so much for sharing your beautifully decorated cloched with us for Sunday Favorites this week, my friend!!! By the way, I also loved all the pretty ribbon that you used to decorate your cloches!!!

    Thanks so much for the sweet note that you left me about my faerie tablescape...sure do appreciate that, my friend!

    I hope that you're having a wonderful weekend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  6. Thanks ladies for all your kind remarks! I had such a fun time putting the cloches together that first time.

    The quail are still here, usually screeching at about 6AM ..... just like chickens! They are really spoiled because I still feed them all the time. They are the fattest quail I have ever seen. Some of them have taken to living here in the yard and are much more relaxed than when they first began visiting during the winter. A constance source of amusement!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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