Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Week In My Garden: Roses and The Silly Kildeer

Outdoor Wednesday has rolled around again over at A Southern Daydreamer.
The garden continues to flourish as warmer days and unusual Spring rainstorms
continue here in Northern California.
Each of my roses has a metal stake with a label printed through a P-Touch Label Maker.

I just can't get enough of this no name I purchased at Lowe's a couple years ago. (above)
'Marmalade Skies' (above)
'Matangi' (above)
'Michaelangelo' (above)
'Nicole' (above)
'Octoberfest' (above)
'Perfect Moment' (above)
'Playboy' (above and below)

'Langdale Chase' (above and below)

And then there are the Kildeer.
We have a number of Kildeer (Charadrius vociferus) that live here on our property.
They are about as dumb as door knobs, often building their nests in the middle of
the driveway.  This year one of the Mama birds got a little smarter and built her nest
to the side of the driveway.  They don't put a lot of effort into building nests, usually
just gathering up some gravel and mulch from the surrounding area.  At that point
they consider it a done deal and lay their eggs.

They are very protective and vocal about guarding their eggs.  Just stepping on the driveway
at about 100' away this Mama is up and running away from the nest.

She then goes into a very dramatic wounded bird dance that includes flailing around
and ruffling her tail feathers to attract attention away from the nest.

I moved about 150' away at this point and she darted back to her eggs.

Silly bird.

Thanks for stopping by to see my garden, please check in again for
the daily series "A Rose A Day" here on TLRT.


  1. Your roses are very striking. I love the first white one and the one that looks like apricot color. Very vivid colors. Happy Outdoor Wed.

  2. Cute bird! And lovely flower photos, I enjoyed them.

  3. Your roses are so beautiful! Great pictures - thanks for sharing! I've never seen a Kildeer before - they must be fun to watch! Have a great day! ~Marcy

  4. Thanks ladies, glad you enjoyed this week's stroll through the garden.

    That silly Mama bird flew right out at the car as I went down the driveway last night at about 10PM.


  5. I loved the stroll through your garden Candy! You have such beautiful flowers. I especially like the Octoberfest and Playboy. Love the bird photos!

    ~ Tracy

  6. Thanks Tracy, I'm so happy you stopped by to walk through my garden!


  7. your roses are so beautiful. Love them.

    We have killdeer here, too. I love how protective they are of their nests.

  8. Thanks for stopping by NanaNay and for your lovely comment.

    They are such funny birds. :-)


  9. I grew up on a farm and we had killdeers. And if someone listens carefully they will hear them singing what their name is "killdeer". I love your roses. We have so much rain this year I have a bad case of mildew on all my rose. You have a nice web site , I am enjoying it very much.

  10. Thanks for coming by and for posting a comment too.

    Our Mama Kildeer is raising at least one of the three she was nesting on. We've seen the little one a couple of times practicing the wounded bird dance!

    With this last rain storm we had with the hail, I'm seeing some mildew too, which is very unusual for us this time of year.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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