Thursday, June 3, 2010

Earrings On A Pig Part Deux

Back on May 2nd I shared one of my projects with you - Earrings On A Pig


Here's Part 2 of the project.  Part 2 actually should cover the 8 chairs, but I've
chosen to only do 4 of them to start.  It seemed like a more realistic goal and
I won't need the other 4 until Christmas ..... it seems so far away right now, but
I bet I'll be glazing the remaining four chairs right up until Christmas dinner!
I tend to procrastinate ... a LOT.

I've had these 8 pine chairs for 20 years ..... you see them everywhere.  They are mainly used for extra seating for holiday meals and the rest of the year they live in the top of the garage.  My plan was to paint them and make cushions out of my favorite green toile, but once I painted them the woven seats didn't look so bad and they are very comfortable chairs.  Maybe tie on cushions can be a winter project????

A couple of coats of grey paint and a little stamp adornment.

My favorite easy water clean up glaze from Lowe's.  No science to this, just
brush it on. My secret to easy glazing is one of those yellow kitchen sponges with
the green scrubby stuff on the back.  Wrung as dry as possible and used to wipe
down the glaze once it becomes just slightly tacky.  This stuff is very forgiving and
can be worked for a very long time.

Two shades of grey paint from Martha's new line at Home Depot.

I have my eye on a little side table from a thrift store that I've had for years
 ..... could it be the next victim of "greying" ????

More images of the tablescape can be seen at The Happenstance Rose and Shrimp Boats


I'm adding a couple of additional images and the color names of the paint I used.
These are all from Martha's new line of paint carried at Home Depot.

From left to right:

Mourning Dove was used as the base coat on the table, bench and the chairs.
All four colors were used on the table details.
Ash Bark was used on the center back of the chairs.
The stamp detail on the chairs was a "wrought iron" craft paint.

The glaze came from Lowe's paint department.
(Ignore the spray paint to the left below, it was used in another project


  1. The color and finish on those chairs is so lovely. I am also in love with the cabinet behind the chairs. Gorgeous. Can you e-mail me what the colors of gray you use are? Thanks!

  2. Love these! I would so love to find a couple of those Napoleon style chairs for my dining table!

  3. They look really great. Love the colors!

  4. Beautful! I usually think of grey as a dull color. Not after seeing your blog! You have made grey look fresh.
    What kind of camera do you use? Thanks!

  5. Can't wait to see the next "victim". They look fantastic. I love the napkin rings on this tablescape. Would you be able to clue me in as to where you purchased them? Have I told you how much I enjoy your blog??

  6. Hi,

    I'm a new follower to your blog. Wonderful chairs! Just beautiful. I would love to know the color gray you used and also the type of glaze you use? Thanks! Can you email me at

  7. Oh I love those colors! I so want to do some Swedish grays in my home. I just KNOW I'm gonna love your blog...just found you through Miss Mustard Seed! She inspired me to start my own blog!

  8. Thanks for coming by to see my chairs! And thank you for all your lovely comments, I do appreciate it!

    I've added the paint and glaze info to the post for those of you interested in playing with paint!

    OneLife - I'm currently using a Nikon D90 with the standard kit lens

    Monica - the bud vase napkin rings came from, but are available at many other online retailers also. Check out wedding sites and places like Hobby Lobby. MC had the best prices I could find and you didn't have to order by the dozen.

    I'm sure there will be more paint to come in the future, so check back again anytime!


  9. Wow! Your chairs look amazing! I just love them!!

  10. You are so talented. The chairs are wonderful! I think the toile chair pads would look great.


  11. Gorgeous! The tones are simply stunning! I adore the muted look. And I like that you left the cane seats, they look to be in pretty awesome shape.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  12. Saw you on Funky Junk. I love the gray. My son said I could change his room to gray in the future. I so wish it was now after seeing your chairs. He just isn't quite ready. What color glaze did you use? I don't think I saw the color. I know it is Valspar.

  13. Very nice chairs.. hiding away for 20 years you say? I'd have them out all year long!
    Will have to wait and see about those little cushions... nice!

  14. Thank you for letting me about the napkin rings.

  15. What a beautiful job...they love wonderful!

  16. I am following you from Sunday Showcase Party!!! Nice to meet you. That color is beautiful!!!! I am your newest follower.

  17. Welcome Bonnie! So happy you stopped by to check out my latest playing with paint project.

    You are very welcome Monica! I was very pleased with the quality, they are nicely made and not "chunky" like I thought they would be.

    Tracy - The glaze is just one shade fits all, I don't think it has a name. They do have other glaze products at Lowe's, you might want to check those out also.

    Thank you all for your lovely comments on my chairs, and a special thanks to Donna from Funky Junk Interiors for stopping by and for featuring me on her sidebar!


  18. What a faulous transformation! I love the glazed look - stunning job! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a fabulous week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  19. Thanks Stephanie Lynn for hosting and for coming by and for your kind comments about my really really old chairs! Not antique, just old. LOL


  20. HI! I would like to invite you to join my new Pajama Party which starts Wednesday! (The link goes up tonight)



  21. Hi Candy! I’ll be featuring your chairs today! Stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Thanks again for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  22. Thanks for stopping by ladies!

    Stephanie I grabbed your button and left you a comment! Thanks so much for the "feature".


  23. Wonderful work !! I love greys !! I'm painting my dining room table and chairs a Ralph Lauren grey and RL Smoke glaze.
    What finish did you use .. eggshell or semi-gloss. I've been reading that some folks like to use a semi-gloss when glazing.
    I'm also wondering if the Vaspar glaze isn't cooler than the Smoke glaze. I'll have to pick up some to compare.
    I have MS Anvil and can't wait to get it on my desk.
    Thank you so much for sharing your work. I just discovered you today and you have a new follower.

  24. Thank you for coming by Ms. Poodle!

    I used eggshell and with this glaze it worked really well. Years ago I always used semi-gloss with oil based glazes to lessen the penetration.

    I liked the quick depth of color change I got with this particular glaze and because it is water clean-up it is a lot more forgiving, should you not like the direction a particular piece is going in.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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