Thursday, June 24, 2010

Furniture Feature Friday - The Linen Chest

I'm joining everyone for Furniture Feature Friday over at Mustard Seed Creations
It's all about furniture, so bring one of your favorites over and share!

This antique French chest  was my mother's and she always kept linens in it, which
is probably why I do the same.  It is where all the over size tablecloths and holiday
cloths are stored.  It is very old and a bit rickety, kind of like me.  The drawers are
a little tight or loose depending on the season and the top has a crack in it.
But I do so love this piece with its flaws and its original hardware and even
a few spider webs underneath! I wonder if the webs are vintage?

Thanks for stopping by for Furniture Feature Friday!


  1. What a gorgeous chest! Even more special that it has a family history.

  2. Really pretty piece! Lots of details on the sides and legs.

  3. Beautiful and storage, too! How nice that it was your mom's! I have some of my mom's pieces that I love. I guess I should share them, too!

  4. very pretty piece of furniture

  5. What a great chest. It has a great patina to it. Love the tablecloths also.

  6. The chest is beautiful. From you description I sure didn't expect the great pictures of this piece.

  7. Thank you all for coming by ..... seeing all the Christmas cloths has me thinking .... it's only 6 MONTHS until Christmas! How did that happen so fast? LOL



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