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Sunday Favorites: Grandma's Tablecloth

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Originally posted October 15, 2009
Since I was the second grandchild, I remember when Grandma had a small kitchen table.  Later with more children a larger table appeared.  It was a small room adjacent to the kitchen with a crank party line telephone and very bold white wallpaper covered with BIG ivy trailing from floor to ceiling. Because the cloth is so small I have a larger cloth underneath it.

This tablecloth used to grace that small square table and I remember sitting with my Granddad when he came home at about 3pm, watching him drink a glass of milk and slowly eating saltine crackers.  He was a rural mail carrier whose route covered 200 miles each day.  He drove his Ford pickup truck with no air each and every mail day for 40 years in the cold of winter and the heat of a Kansas summer. He told me he ate the saltines to replenish the salt he would lose in all that heat.  He was a quiet distant guy with not much to say in a house full of women, but I admired him very much for his dedication to his job and the air of calm that seemed to surround him.

My Grandma hand embroidered this cloth. Here it is set with vintage Fiesta and cute go-along pitcher and glasses, and vintage Quikut flatware.  The covered French Casserole is vintage Cobalt and is extremely rare in this color especially with the lid.  The bud vase is Post 86 Sapphire.

This is a mint-in-box set of the Quikut flatware with a vintage Cobalt bud vase.


  1. Candy, This is truely a treasure! Not only the tablecloth, but all the warm and wonderful memories it evokes. And just to think that you have handiwork of your grandmothers! How special and priceless is this darling tablecloth?
    Touching and fun post!

  2. I can remember such a Table Cloth at some point in my life.. with the Mexican designs.. so beautiful and with the Fiesta Ware on it.. Perfect! Nice memories of your Grandma!
    lovely Sunday to you!

  3. Such a fun table! How wonderful that you have the tablecloth your grandmother embroidered! Fiesta always reminds me of my grandmother, as those were her dishes. Alas, my mother has six sisters, and she's next-to-youngest, so none of the Fiesta was handed down to her.

  4. What wonderful embroidery work...a true treasure and how special that it was made by grandma. Your grandad sounds very similar to mine. Quiet and reserved but a rock for his family. The fiesta is great and always reminds me of my grandma;s kitchen too :)


  5. What a treasure from your grandmother. My daughter would love that tablecloth. Her kitchen /dining room is done in a Spanish theme.

  6. A party has to happen at a table set like this. It just screams for fun, cake and ice cream.

  7. Hi Candy...

    So very nice to have you for Sunday Favorites again this week, my friend! Ohhh...and what a fabulous post to revisit! I remember this one...thinking how very perfect your Grandma's embroidered table cloth went with the Fiestaware! It certainly is a sweet treasure to have and ohhh, what sweet memories! I love the cobalt blue fiestaware...simply gorgeous! This is such a pretty and happy table...all the vibrant colors just make me smile!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us for Sunday Favorites today!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  8. Such a beautiful, fun table. I love Fiesta ware and its vibrant colors. This table would put a smile on anyone's face. Love it! ~ Sarah

  9. Thanks everyone for coming by to visit at Grandma's table! I do appreciate it and hope to see you all again next week for more favorites.



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