Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where Do You Store All Those Dishes?

Several months ago here on The Little Round Table I ran a series of posts entitled
"Where Do You Store All Those Dishes?"

The Tablescaper is having an anniversary party entitled "Where Do You Keep It All?"

How fun is this we get to look around in everyone's secret stashes!

I'll just post a mosaic to give you a taste and if you dare you can go back to the my entire series

There are 7 main posts included within that link, but you can see all kinds of storage
solutions by clicking on the link up under the header entitled Storage Solutions

What a fun party ....... I just love snooping in other peoples cupboards and closets!
And yes, lust is a big part of this whole party! LOL


  1. Wow-I'm just a babe when it comes to dishes! i thought that I had alot until looking at your pictures. I'm showing this to my hubby so he will stop complaining! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  2. I'm an amateur when it comes to collecting compared to the rest of this party!! I adore all your bright pretty colors & you've got some great storage places, especially that tall grey/green one! Magnificent!!

    Thanks for sharing your *stuff* :D

  3. WOW! So many dishes/pretties! You have great storage places, so neat and organized too! Great tablecloth collection and lovely dishware!


  4. Your storage is a work of art!!

  5. I'm beginning to think I don't have enough dishes! LOL
    Love seeing this mosaic, but I'm headed to the original post to get the full blown show. :-) Love getting to look at all your dishes! ~ Sarah

  6. I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again - Lord, have mercy! Whew! Oh, now I see where you have all those precious tablecloths! You're really blessed, Candy! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Absolutely marvelous...I'm going to check out your past posts for sure!

  8. You have some lovely pieces of furniture to store your pretties in. You must have tall ceilings in your house! Fabulous!!

  9. Wow! I love how you can easily see what you have by the way you store them and the cabinets that you use. Very nice!....Christine

  10. Oh, Candy, thanks so much for coming and joining the party. I think you get "Most Prepared" for having done all of those posts! But you make me realize I didn't even show my tablecloths or napkin ring storage!!!

    You look like you've got every nook and cranny covered. I love your Fiesta Ware for the wonderful color it provides. For all of the dishes I have, what I find I look for most often is the right solid color to set it off. It's hard to find good solids and I must tap into the Fiesta Ware concept.

    Thanks so much for joining the party and happy tablescaping!

    - The Tablescaper

  11. I'm so glad so many of you stopped by again to check out all my stuff! LOL Having a place for everything and "everything in its place" makes it all so much more enjoyable and easy to get to.

    My outlook is that if I have to cook a meal, it is going to be served on a pretty table! And should I ever decide to open a restaurant ..... well I'm all set!

    Ellen, the ceilings are 15+ feet.

    And my story is that I am very OLD and have been collecting dishes for a very long time ..... that's why I have so many. :-)


  12. Hello there Candy,

    Wow!., I just knew I would be delighted beyond; as I am indeed!.., I could barely contain my enthusiam when I saw your link as a fellow particpant with our mutual blog friend','The Tablescaper', and her delightful,'Where do you keep it all', blog party!..,

    I shall have to check your other links in detail as well my dear!.., What 'eyecandy'!

    Please pop over and visit me as well!~(My other two day, afternoon tea's blog parties are well under way, yet I simply could not resist when I was also invited to partake)!

    Have a marvelous remainder of the week Candy!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  13. Oh My Goodness, you have storage down to a science for all your gorgeous dishes!

  14. such colourful display and you got huge storage for all your dishes! awesome!..

  15. Wow, Candy, your brightly colored Fiesta ware sure shines and makes its own decor! I love visiting you.

  16. You have a lot of cheery-colored pieces. I really like the black storage cupboard in the middle of the mosaic.

  17. Thanks to all of you for coming by to play dishes with me! Hope to see you all again soon.


  18. I remember your wonderful post from before.
    You have some amazing dishes and the storage is wonderful.

  19. I'm enjoying seeing all the organization of a favorite hobby!

    Great idea to do the collage of pictures like that!


  20. Thanks for stopping by ladies and for your lovely remarks.


  21. I would love to get lost in your house for a couple of days. All the beautiful colors and shapes. It is wonderful.


  22. Wow! Love the collection. It is amazing.
    I have 4 dinner sets and I was planing to get rid of two because we have not been using them. Then I come across your blog and it makes me wonder where I have been all these years!
    Since then, I have been desperately telling my mother not to get rid of any more stuff that she has left. She did a very thorough job of getting rid of my nana's collection.. one of a kind (she came from a royal family). My mom purposefully broke the handle of one of the cups to say 'There it is now no longer a complete set and we can get rid of it'.
    Thank you for letting us realise that it is never too many and each one can be enjoyed in its own plac.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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