Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fiesta® - The New Color Is Paprika

The newest color of Fiesta® has been released and I ordered it sight unseen from my favorite retailer Colorful Dishes and More.  The reviews by collectors have been mixed, some not impressed, some seeing it as just a Fall color.  I'm thrilled with it!  Gorgeous yummy color, goes so well with many existing colors, a fabulous addition in a clear bright glaze.

Paprika will be appearing here on The Little Round Table in a tablescape for Tablescape Thursday this week (posting will be Wed afternoon).  I hope you'll stop by to check it out.

Some awesome color combos!

You can read more about all the Fiesta® colors since 1936:

Fiesta Color Chronology


  1. I'm excited to see what you're going to do with Paprika, Candy. I think there are some exciting combinations that can be made!

  2. Oooo la la! I love that spectacular color, it's just awesome! Your tablescape is just perfectly delightful!


  3. Candy, thanks for the link to your source, as well as the history of the different colors! When you buy a new color, how many pieces do you buy? Four placesettings? More? Just certain pieces? One of everything? :-)

  4. It's a nice shade and mixes well with your other colors.

  5. Almost time for posting the first Paprika tablescape! It's really all about the COLOR and not so much about the accessories this week.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by to see the new color. :-)

    Tricia - I've been buying and using Post 86 Fiesta since 1988 and have way too many dishes! LOL I used to have a lot more ..... so I am making progress, I think. I sold off about 1,000 pieces about 18 months ago. NO ONE needs 75 vases. I used to buy full place settings (either the 5pc w/cup and saucer or 4 pc w/mug), but in the last few years I am buying open stock plates and bowls mainly. I buy something like the baking pans (rectangular and square) in one color only. It's a better situation, since I use these things on a daily basis, rather than "collect" them like the vintage where I have pretty much one in each color. And there are way too many colors now to collect all colors in all shapes and sizes. As it is, I still have enough Post 86 to open a medium sized restaurant. :-)

    In Paprika I bought 6 dinners, 6 luncheons, 6 salads, and 6 of the little berry bowls. I do plan on ordering one of the new "loaf" pans just released in Paprika, but probably not much else.

    See you all again soon I hope!


  6. Thanks for your response to my question, Candy! I like buying open stock pieces, too, because I use the cup and saucer or mug so infrequently. But the berry bowls are so adorable, I "need" those, too!

  7. Oh My Gosh!!!!! I just love this color....perfect for fall, no doubt!!!!! I will have to see who is going to carry thsi one! :) Thank you for showing it to us! :) Fiesta forever!!!!!!! Sandy

  8. Sandy -

    That's what is so great about Fiesta ... it does last forever and wears like iron. I think I've probably broken 3 pieces in the last 20+ years and they were all victims of ceramic tile floors.

    Fiesta is forever.



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