Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's A Spicy Fiesta - Celebrating the 100th Tablescape Thursday

Paprika, the newest color in the Fiesta dinnerware lineup,
appears again this week for the 100thTablescape Thursday over at Between Naps On The Porch.
Congratulations to our hostess Susan!

This time it's a spicy Fiesta in Paprika, Sapphire, and Tangerine, with some vintage
Mexicana by Homer Laughlin China to echo the theme on this natural linen vintage tablecloth.

The little glass plates are vintage Manhattan.
Post 86 Fiesta salt and pepper shakers in Sapphire NOP (not officially produced)
The two smallest Marigold baking bowls.
An oddball Post 86 Juice pitcher with Periwinkle exterior and Turquoise interior.
Vintage Metlox Spiral candle holders.
Newly released Post 86 Fiesta Jam Jar in Tangerine.
Vintage south of the border salt and pepper.
Vintage miniature jugs that were used to test glaze colors for future production.
Natural linen with printed design reminiscent of Mexicana dinnerware from
Homer Laughlin.  Paprika colored poly blend tablecloth serves as an underlayment.

Sapphire disc, juice and mini pitchers.
Mexicana by Homer Laughlin China
Beadwork done by one of the native Mexican Indian tribes.
Extremely rare vintage Fiesta Covered French Casserole in Cobalt Blue
This wrought iron caddy came from Costco and will most likely fall victim
to a coat of spray paint before the week is out.
Happy 100th Tablescape Thursday, hope to see you again very soon!
You can read more about this tablecloth over on the Tablecloth Database


  1. What a festive table for the 100th TT celebration. I always love to see the fiestaware with it's vibrant colors, and all your added details are such fun. Visits to the Little round Table always delight. I did a soutwest/Mexican table for this week too, but it's the colors of the earth rather than these brights. ~ Sarah

  2. Oh my how great is this!!! I already sent a link to my Fiesta lovin' friend!

  3. Candy, what an incredibly beautiful and just brilliant tablescape! It's truly one of a kind! I love each detail and goodness, the bead work on the little pottery is just awesome!


  4. Happy 100th week of TT to you! You have decorated for the occasion splendidly! Love the vibrant colours of your Fiesta dishes! The tablecloth you've chosen coordinates so well with the colours of the dishes! You have so many fabulous pieces of Fiesta-ware! I'm sending my aunt a link to your blog as she has started collecting it and would be amazed to see your display!


  5. Wow! How festive! I absolutely love all the colors and I even love all the critters too! Those candles sticks are quite unique! Happy 100th TT Anniversary!

  6. It's always a joy to visit...and this table is so inviting! I love all the "extras" you have that make your table so interesting to view. I think you are so smart to have all the different colors of Fiesta dinnerware. The possiblities are endless! Thanks again for sharing.

  7. I love to visit your blog-I'm always thrilled with the way you've set your table. Paprika-here I come!!!

  8. This tablescape is a charming work of art. Thank you for sharing your design. Your kitchen looks different with each tablescape and tablecloth. That's quite a feat! Cherry Kay

  9. This table is so well put together! You have done a fantastic job of combining colors and textures. I love the way the colors on the tablecloth are picked up on the china, and the fact that the ridges on the plates are echoed in the glasses. Those candle holders are beautiful! I love everything about this table! I bet the food that will go on it is amazing too!

  10. I love the homer laughlin plates and bowls. They are perfect with the fiesta ware. I love how you've added in little touches lie the beadwork and little vintage things. Very cute. I have one plate with that pattern, and hopefully someday i'll collect more!

  11. You have the most amazing collection of dishes and distinctive tablecloths! I especially love that tangerine color. The succulents are the perfect little touch. Love this table!

  12. Fabulous, as always, Candy! You have really highlighted the gorgeous Mexicana dishes with the Fiesta in the colors you've chosen! And all the other Mexican decor adds so much interest. I'm not sure I'd reach for a chip with that lizard guarding them!

  13. Candy, I do believe this is one of my absolute favorites of all the tablescapes you've done!! I LOVE IT!!! I truly envy your Mexicana plates and the spiral candleholders, too. The accessories you use are fantastic! You set such beautiful tables and I really look forward to them every week!

  14. Candy, every time I come here I become more enamored of Fiesta ware--but I must fight it! I cannot start collecting it because I can see that it is endless! I absolutely love love love this table! We are big mexican food fans here. The candlesticks are wonderful. Are those salt and pepper shakers from South of the Border in So. Carolina? All the little accessories like the lizard (I can't think of the name of that art form) and the succulents and the pottery garland are perfect. A wonderful table. Linda

  15. oh I am in love with this tablescape. It's so beautiful. I must find out what happened to my husband's grandmother's fiesta ware. I haven't seen it in ages. I love your table, it's beautiful

  16. Ole! And gracias to all of you for your generous comments on my Fiesta tablescape!

    Linda -

    Those little S and P shakers came from south of here in California. Actually from eBay which is based in Silicon Valley which is south of San Francisco. LOL

    For those of you have like the Mexicana line of Homer Laughlin dinnerware, there is a least one other tablescape I can think of where I used it. Can't believe I still have so much of it,as I sold off oodles of it about 8 years ago!

    You can follow this link:

    Or just type in "mexicana" in the search box on the sidebar and matches will come up at the top of the page you are on.

    Thanks everyone!


  17. Wow, what a festive table. I love how you paired your Homer Laughlin with Fiesta. You share the most interesting pieces in your tablescapes and have a wonderful tablecloth collection.

    All the Best,


  18. This is just wonderful! I love seeing your collection of Fiestaware. Since tablescaping, I've seen several "scapers" who show how to mix them up so beautifully, I think if I were just starting out -- I would give much thought to starting a collection. How many sets do you have? And, without saying -- I love vintage and vintage inspired linens!

  19. Candy,
    when I opened your post and discovered the color scheme, I said from the very first moment: Mexico. And indeed, it is Mexico and I can hear the music when I see your pretty table. Fiesta is always vibrant and happy and you added so much nice Mexican things to the table, I just love it. Thank you so much for sharing this colorful Fiesta table.
    Greetings, Johanna

  20. Great table, even the background. So filled with vibrant wonderful COLOR! You ALWAYS do such an outstanding job!

    I host a weekly meme called "Summer Sundays" amd would love to have you come and join in the fun. It's all about what summer means to YOU! Hope you'll join in!

    - The Tablescaper

  21. Oh, your fiestaware is sooo vibrant...truly wonderful! Love all the darling pieces you used in this tablesetting. So much fun! Beautiful photography! Happy TT!

  22. Thank you all for coming by to check out the "Fiesta"! And a special thanks to our hostess Susan for coming by!

    Martha - how many sets ..... way toooo many! LOL

    See you again next week for the 101st TT.


  23. This is my favorite of yours. I love the tablecloth. AMAZING!!! Are the succulents just in water?

  24. Hi Monica -

    Nice to see you again and thank you for loving this one as much as I do. :-)

    Those were just little broken bits stuck in there with water. They actually don't even need water for a couple of weeks. Once they are stuck back in the soil, they just start growing roots and you have more rosettes.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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