Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh, To Sit Under An Olive Tree

I'm linking up to Weekly Words to Live By over at
Notes From A Cottage Industry.

…I like them all, but especially the olive. For what it symbolizes, first of all, peace
with its leaves and joy with its golden oil."
-   Aldous Huxley

Maybe someday I will sit under my olive trees, but for now this will have to do ......

Do you have a favorite tree to sit under? Or a hammock to lie in?
Take more time to relax in your garden ..... it's a hard lesson I'm still working on.


  1. Such a gorgeous spot. Love the little chairs. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  2. those are adorable, i love the perspective!

    aren't you loving this cool weather, i can't get over how pleasant this year has been, the east is melting and i have the lowest pg&e bill ever!

  3. WE ARE SUFFERING OUT HERE!!! May I pul-eez come over & spend time under your tree? The wee chairs are cute, where'd you find them.

    Have a lovely summers eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Evening ladies!

    It has cooled off here a bit, but still hitting 90F every afternoon ..... PG&E is a dirty word around here! LOL

    Hi Marty! I too love these little chairs, something so "vintagey" about them.

    Marydon - I have several different styles and I picked all of them up about 10 years ago. Most came from a place called Joanne's that was a fabric, crafty, junky place that then turned into a Beverly's, which was run by a guy named Ernie! Ernie was Chinese and barely spoke English, but brought in odd lots of the neatest stuff at the cheapest prices ever. I think I paid $1 or so per little chair. They get a new coat of paint every other year or so as the mood strikes me.

    Thanks again for coming by to visit.


  5. These photos made me smile ~ they're wonderful! The quote is pretty too!

  6. Your mini chairs are sweet.
    I have a very battered & weathered Adirondack chair which I love to sit, in to read, under our ancient apple tree.


  7. Beautiful setting, and I love the little chairs. I have an extensive collection of miniature chairs, including a couple like these. Mine are blue and yellow.

  8. Thank you ladies for coming by to see my little chairs under the olive trees. :-)

    Maggie - ancient apple tree is good! We have ancient California oaks, but way to scary to climb the hill to sit under them with all the rattlesnakes! Yikes!!!

    Tracy - mine used to be pink, yellow, blue .... kind of NEON colors.

    See you all soon I hope,

  9. Oh, I love little chairs! Those lawn chairs are just the right size for a moonlight frog family get-together, or perhaps some pixies could watch for shooting stars :)

  10. pogonip - Exactly my thoughts!

    Thanks for coming by.



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