Thursday, July 15, 2010

Show and Tell Friday - What Should I Wear Today?

I'm joining Cindy's weekly event over at My Romantic Home.
Join in all the fun of an old fashioned Show and Tell Friday.

I've shared other things about my childhood years spent in Germany after
WWII.  I lived there with my family from the time I was 4 until I was almost
ready to enter high school. Because we were civilians attached to the Department
of Defense, we didn't rotate out every few years like the military families did.

My dearest friend all through our years in Germany was a little German girl
named Regina.  We were like two peas in a pod, both Tom Boys who loved
adventures. Here we are in about 1951, that's Regina on the left, all decked
out in our Lederhosen.  The best kids' clothing around.  They are made of leather,
wear like iron, and last forever.  The ones in the picture that I am wearing
had the green oak leaf pockets and I soon outgrew them.

Shown below is the pair that came next still with the same suspenders, which are adjustable.

My favorite blouse embroidered with flowers.

Carved embellishment on the suspenders and the leather detail
on the cuffs of the Lederhosen.

I kept change for the street car in the little pocket at the cuff.

The blouse came from a trip to Italy if I remember correctly.

And my Dirndl that I wore every chance I got. With its little white apron and
white half blouse that has elastic in the sleeves that can be cinched up to make
them all puffy and pretty.

The blouse and apron are cotton, while the Dirndl dress itself is rayon.

And my red felt suit that I adored, usually worn with a plain white blouse.

Metal buttons and embroidered flowers.

As I grew and my arms got longer, the jacket arms were altered and a cuff added.

Eventually I outgrew all these favorite outfits,
but they hold so many wonderful childhood memories.

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  1. I love the hand work on all the clothes, great pictures. Thanks for sharing something we don't see each week.

  2. Wow....the red was gorgeous, bright, and cheery. Nice photos! Susan

  3. OMG! I love that picture of you and your friend! How cute are you two? Love the lederhosen, the attention to detail is amazing! thank you for sharing! marcia

  4. oh my gosh.. you still have all these pretty clothes.. and to have them all look like new is super!

  5. What a delightful post! It's wonderful that you've kept those special clothing items! And what a GREAT idea leather shorts for children are!

  6. What wonderful clothes! You can tell you already loved bright and cheerful colors as a little girl!

    How very lucky you are to have your German clothing.

    Thank you for such a fun post!

  7. I do appreciate you all stopping by for a look back at some great memories of my childhood!

    Hope you'll stop back again some time soon.



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