Saturday, July 10, 2010

Silvery Sunday: Vintage Racks

I'm joining the Silver Sunday get together over at Gypsy Fish Journal
come on over with your treasures!

These vintage dinnerware racks are obviously not silver, but they are "silvery",
so that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

These vintage accessory items are highly sought after by collectors, so when you are out and about
keep your eyes open for them and grab them up if you are lucky enough to spot them.

Some of these examples from my collection were made by Royal Chrome and can be
seen in this 1937 vintage brochure.

This one was designed as a "salad set".
Shown holding vintage Fiesta salad and luncheon plates.

Below is the "sweet meats" dish, designed for candied fruit or jams and such.
Shown holding a vintage Fiesta cream soup bowl in Ivory.

The marmalade jar rack is shown holding a vintage Fiesta Red marmalade jar.

A vintage "Betty Bowl" in its original rack shown in Yellow.
These were premium items from Betty Crocker and I was lucky
enough to obtain the original shipping box when I purchased one of mine.

This little vintage tuna baker in its custom designed rack was a premium offer from
Chicken of The Sea and comes in several standard colors.

These small racks meant to hold custard cups were fairly common and were
produced by a number of makers.  Shown here with custard cups from
Homer Laughlin China's OvenServe line of kitchen ware.

And finally this specialty casserole rack holding the "Handy Andy"
bowl from the Homer Laughlin OvenServe line.

Thanks so much for stopping by for the July Silver Sunday event!


  1. Oh, one of my favorite blogs! Your pictures are wonderful, as usual!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Those tuna bakers are great-I've never seen them before, love that!

  3. Hi,yours pictures are extraordinary!These pieces are really special. Hugs, Fatima

  4. I've just never seen anything like these! You are just amazing with all of your collections and I've learned so much!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  5. Hi Candy - I used to have Fiesta dinner plates in a sort of light peach color - don't remember the color name. I couldn't use them after a while due to flatware marks. Have you experienced that, and are there colors that will NOT be ruined with the flatware marks? I'd love to get some Aqua, but... Thanks a lot!

  6. This is soooo wonderful...
    I wish i could find something like this in India

  7. Just happened to find you, and so glad I did. I'm so in love with that tuna baker! heart, heart, heart! Thanks for sharing your lovely table and dishes!

  8. Hi Candy,
    what an amazing collection! I have not seen just one of those before. That is so interesting that you have this vintage brochures and advertisings to it. I mean, they look pretty modern, don't they? Love that tuna fishes. Thank you so much for showing.
    Greetings, Johanna

  9. Fabulous Collection ~ I never knew the wire serving accessories were available for Fiesta... Great Post

  10. Gosh, I don't know what I enjoy more, your informative post or seeing all your lovely Fiestaware! And your pictures ate stunning! What kind of camera do you have? They are just spectacular!


  11. What an amazing collection! I love the tuna bakers (of course they're fish). Not sure how I feel about tuna casserole these days but the bakers are awesome. thanks for stopping by and participating in Silver Sunday see you next month....

  12. Thanks so much for coming by and for all your lovely comments!

    Just to be clear the tuna bakers were not made by Homer Laughlin and who did make them for Chicken of the Sea is still pretty much a mystery. The old ads state a "California" pottery and it is thought that perhaps several potteries produced the bakers.

    As far as getting utensil marks off dinnerware .... its an EASY thing to fix! I use Simichrome (it's a metal polish, like used for cleaning copper pieces). There are other products that collectors use that work in a similar manner. Try antique stores, auto shops, hardware stores. It won't remove scratches or cuts from things like steak knives, but it will take off those icky dark utensil marks and make it look brand new!


  13. Thanks for the cleaning info Candy!!

  14. You are very welcome Deb, it is like magic!

    Krystal, sorry I missed answering your question about the camera. Most of the recent photos (since mid-April) have been taken with a Nikon D90 with a kit lens (the basic lens that is generally sold with the body). Prior to that I used an older Nikon Coolpix in the 5400 series, so a lot of the older images are from that camera.

    Thanks for dropping by ladies!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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