Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday, where no words are necessary.

'Gypsy Carnival'

I'm bringing my 'Gypsy Carnival' to the party over at It's A Very Cherry World for today's Rednesday. I'm also attending the first Fresh Cut Friday over at Rose Vignettes

It looks and smells good enough to eat.

Thanks for stopping by for anther Rednesday.

Outdoor Wednesday: This Week In My Garden

I'm joining everyone over at A Southern Daydreamer for another Outdoor Wednesday.

Some of the quail that visit the garden several times a day.
Warming themselves in the early morning sun.

A bit of breakfast.

They are very messy as they look for the prime tidbits.

They then go on their way, but will be back for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Thanks for coming by again this week, hope to see you again soon.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Little Blue Sewing Machine

I'm joining everyone over at Little Red House for another
beautiful Mosaic MondayCome on over and see all the pretties!

Blue Monday has rolled around again over at Smiling Sally!
Come on over and bring your BLUES with you!

I pretended to be a seamstress as a kid.  I wasn't very good at it, but I sure had a lot of fun.

It  used to have a little crank handle, but somewhere over time it has disappeared.

Thanks so much for stopping by for both of these weekly parties, hope to see you again soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday Favorites: I So Much Want To Like .......

I'm reposting this for Chari's Sunday Favorites over at Happy To Design. Come join the fun!
 I So Much Want To Like  ....... Coffee!!!

Today's tablescape is all about coffee beans and the heady aroma my kitchen is filled with.
I so much want to like coffee!  I love the smell, I love the idea, I love the ritual and
the passion people show for their favorite beverage.  Just can't get it past my taste buds,
although I used to drink a cup occasionally back in my youth just to be sociable.
Eeewwww in my mouth,  even dosed with lots of cream and sugar.

Who doesn't remember these coffee ad names, tag lines and situations from the past?

1. Good to the Last Drop.
2. Everything you love about coffee.
3. We’ve secretly replaced the coffee with…
4. Mrs. Olsen
5. Celebrate the moments of your life.
6. The best part of waking up (extra credit if you can hum the jingle)
7. Our House
8. Fill it to the rim.
9. Cora
10. Juan Valdez

Ahhh yes, Juan Valdez ...... that's what all this has been leading up to.  I do so much want
to like the pure 100% Colombian coffee that Juan hand picks and brings down the
mountain side with his little burro. Here's a vintage Vera tablecloth covered in
coffee beans and even Juan and his burro with their latest load of beans.

The chargers are Italian glass, white "Medallion" dinner plates are Rosenthal,
decorative salad plates from Home Goods, Pier 1 stemware.

The black fruit bowls are Post 86 Fiesta.

Vintage Antique Gold Fiesta included the Marmalade, small platter and large salad bowl.

And two alternative napkins that could easily work with this tablescape.

If you are a coffee lover, please take a sip for me and enjoy!!
I think I'll just stick with a big bowl of coffee ice cream.

Saturday Rerun: Tapas Are Served

On some weekends I'll be reposting tablescapes previously posted here on The Little Round Table. Hopefully more visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy them on this second time around.


Vintage tablecloth set with Post 86 Fiesta in White, Tangerine and Chocolate. Manhattan relish tray, vase, glassware and napkins from Home Goods, Cityscape flatware.

This tablecloth has appeared here on  The Little Round Table   before.

Reissue Harlequin Ironstone 1979-1983

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Trunk Full of Treasures

I'm joining everyone over at Coloradolady for another edition of Vintage Thingies Thursday.
I'm also joining Transformation Thursday over at The Shabby Chic Cottage.
It's Show and Tell Friday over at Cindy's My Romantic Home!
I'm joining everyone over at Bargain Hunting With Laurie for Some of My Favorite Things
And Donna is holding another Funky Junk Interiors party for Saturday Night Special

I purchased this decorated trunk at the shop on French Blue Vintage several months ago.
It needed some cleaning and some small repairs to the strapping which had become
detached in several places.  A little polish and half a dozen tiny brads and here it is just like new. 

I don't know how old it is, but the minute I saw it , I knew exactly what kind of
treasures I would keep in it.  It is 23" wide x 12" deep x 12" high.

A few weeks ago I shared a few of my childhood dolls that I just recently unpacked.

Just a temporary solution until I could get to the trunk cleaning and repair.

Most of my smaller dolls fit into this trunk, but I'll have to find an alternate
solution for some of the bigger ones.

And they all fit nicely lying down with the lid closed too!

Thanks for coming by for another Vintage Thingies Thursday, 
hope to see you again next week!

Pink Hydrangeas

Jump on over and check out all the amazing tables!

Hydrangeas are pretty in just about all their stages, from fresh and dewy all the way to 
the point that they dry on the plant.  I  always let the ones I've picked for the house dry naturally
in the vase as the water evaporates.  Love the muted colors as they turn to those lovely
shades that remind me of a classic "old-timey" look.

This vintage tablecloth depicts not only hydrangeas, but also morning glories.
Some green depression glass, Pier 1 napkin rings, polka dot tumblers from Target,
Home Goods napkins and ivory/white accessory pieces, mini cloches from Tuesday Morning.
The milk pitcher is vintage Homer Laughlin, flatware is vintage Deauville

The dinnerware is a mix of Post86 Fiesta in Juniper, Rose, Sunflower and white,
along with a short lived line also from Homer Laughlin, called Fiestaware2000
shown here in Juniper dinner plates.

Vintage German berry bowls

Thanks so much for coming by to see my tablescape again this week,
I hope to see you here on The Little Round Table again very soon.
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