Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Blue Clematis

Thursday always means a great get together over at Between Naps On The Porch.
It's time for Tablescape Thursday, come join the fun!

Stripes in a bright lemongrass and blue Clematis decorate this vintage tablecloth.
I've paired it with chargers from Anthropologie and Periwinkle, Lemongrass, White and
Juniper Post 86 Fiesta dinnerware.  The much maligned periwinkle blue from the mid 80s
shows off its inner beauty on this cloth.  Tumblers from Cost Plus, stemware, flatware and
napkins from Home Goods. The candle holders came from Tuesday Morning and the bone
china napkin holders were a consignment shop find.

Thanks for coming by again this week for a look at my tablescape!
You can read more about this vintage cloth, which came in other colorways too, over on the

And please be sure to check out the details of my upcoming


  1. Wonderful table!!!!!! I visit your blog everyday, and love all your post.Thanks for sharing! Great. Fatima-Scrapart.

  2. Well, obviously I have NOT been visiting or I would have been aware of all the WONDERFUL changes you've been up to! I love your new look!!
    This whole table is soooooooo pretty with the soft colors & that wonderful vintage tablecloth.
    Brings back some fond memories.

    Thanks for sharing! Now I have to go check out your older posts to see what I've been missing.


  3. Your kitchen and tablescapes are both so cheerful. A visit here always puts a smile on my face. Love the little napkin rings! ~ Sarah

  4. I love the maligned periwinkle blue Fiestaware and I love your table! That vintage linen is so beautiful...and the napkins are so perfect with the whimsical napkin rings! Joni

  5. What a beautiful summer-y color scheme. Everything goes so well together. Very inviting!!!

  6. Love the color combination ... love the little chairs on your island bar ... great job!

  7. love the colors.. wow. another great tablecloth. it's beautiful

  8. Very pretty tableware and your kitchen is beautiful!

  9. Wow, I never knew that periwinkle blue was maligned. It certainly looks lovely here. This a beautiful example of blending colors. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  10. I love the linens, and you are so right that the blue looks great against them. I also love those little napkin rings. How fun!!

  11. What a pretty table. I always loved periwinkle! Did I miss something? The linens really set the scene. What beautiful plates and the napkin rings are to die for. How fun are they. Very nice job.

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tablecloth pattern and colors (it is my favorite of your collection, so far!) and I am just as excited about the ceramic celery napkin rings!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love your retro table. What a great tablecloth and it all works so well with your dishes. I especially like your napkin rings!

  14. This color scheme is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love everything!!!

  15. Your asparagus napkin rings are the perfect finishing touch on this table! The periwinkle seems like it was made to help set off the lemongrass dishes. I always enjoy seeing how you have combined these beautiful colors. I was in Macy's this week and saw a display of Fiestaware and thought to myself, "hmmm, they need some help here and I know just the blogger they should call!"

  16. Those napkin holders are fantastic!!

  17. I didn't realise you collected vintage tablecloths. I pick them up whenever I find them and have a few that I love. This one is so pretty with the combo of the stripes with the flowers. Isn't it odd how they mixed the colors with unexpected flowers. Sort of a gray blue for the flower. Very pretty.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  18. Periwinkle redeemed! Thanks for illustrating so beatifully that lemongrass is a good pairing for this challenging blue. I like seeing this cool-toned table in your dining room after all of the lovely warms from earlier in the week!

  19. WOW, that is gorgeous... Love the Frenchy feel and the stripes reminded me of turn of the century(1900 of course,hehe)... OH I would LOVE to own one of these tablecloths and, as always, you put everything together SO perfectly.... Oh and by the way, I was so surprised to NOT see the "Little Round Table"...

  20. G'day Candy ~ Working with that fabulous tablecloth pulling out all the colors in your table setting is FABULOUS! I love the inviting presentation.

    Have a lovely summer's day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  21. The colors here are just so beautiful together! I love that tablecloth. You have such treasures. I am so curious, why was the blue much maligned?? It is lovely!

  22. So beautiful tablecloth, fabulous colors!!!

  23. Thank you all for coming by to see this tablescape!

    I will tell you that I always like the first colorway I found in this design, but I'm just in love with this newest version I found!

    Fatima, so nice of you to come by again!

    Rett - Oh these aren't really changes, I just like to move furniture around, but the color of the Timberlake Island is new if it's been awhile since you visited!

    Sarah - smilin' is a good thing! You made me smile.

    Ms Blue Moon - LOL, you are correct, see my answer to Rett above .... The Little Round Table does have some siblings who sometimes crowd him out of the kitchen!

    Red Couch - I'm on a campaign to redeem Periwinkle from the constant denigration of its image .... not my favorite color, but I think this tablescape is how it really CAN work with its more admired fellow colors. :-)

    For those of you who wonder why it is "maligned" ..... it was one of the first colors produced in the mid-80s, when lots of chickens and geese and ducks and such adorned many kitchens. It was an iconic color of the 80s, but in the couple of decades since then it has been panned by many, but not all, collectors. I'm just trying to show a few examples of how it really can stand up to some of the newer, brighter, more well received colors of the past few years.

    Donna - re: The Little ROUND Table ....LOL ....see my answer to Rett and Blue Moon above!!

    Barbara - see the notes above about Periwinkle!!

    Thank you ALL for your lovely comments .... gotta run, we're on satellite and if I answer everyone individually then I lose my access for exceeding my bandwidth! Do know that I read all the comments via email and then come here and type very very fast to make sure I still have access and can post more tablescapes ..... next up, gee I don't know yet, but it will be for Tabletop Tuesday and might include some Passion Flowers!


  24. You've charmed us once again. Love those wonderful napkin rings!

  25. The colors, the patterns and everything go so well together. My eyes just danced all over your table. Your napkin rings are sooo cute.

    All the Best,


  26. Thanks Martha and Requi!

    More of those bone china napkin rings to come in future tablescapes ..... several additional designs in the set I picked up!

    Next tablescape comes up for Tabletop Tuesday.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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