Sunday, August 15, 2010

Counting Down To The 1st Anniversary Giveaway

I'm joining Weekly Words To Live By over at Notes from A Cottage Industry.

Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is. - Vince Lombardi

1st Anniversary Giveaway
begins on Monday August 16th!

August 23, 2010 will mark the 1st Anniversary of The Little Round Table

It's been a fun ride and I've learned so much, seen so much,
and met so many really nice bloggers and readers.

A couple of months ago I asked for advice and input from
readers regarding a lot of blogging issues, including
advertising, music, content and memes/parties/anniversaries.
I thank all of you who commented and emailed with your thoughts.

Here is what I've decided.
It will be a low key event.
It will be a:

1st Anniversary Giveaway

Trying to keep it simple:

1.  To qualify you must be a PUBLIC FOLLOWER of The Little Round Table.
(That means you must be one of the "Guests Sitting At The Little Round Table" on the sidebar)

You may become a public follower beginning right NOW,
so that you are ready to enter the giveaway beginning
August 16, 2010.

2.  To qualify for the drawing you must leave a comment on the
ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY post, which will appear on The Little Round Table
on Monday August 16, 2010

Your comment must be posted prior to midnight Pacific Time on
Sunday August 22, 2010, when the drawing for prizes will take place.

You may leave as many comments as you wish, but your name will be
entered into the drawing pool only once, with FIVE chances to win.
Level playing ground for all public followers.

3.  A list of winners will be posted on Monday August 23, 2010 here on TLRT
Winners must contact me at: no later than
midnight Sunday August 29, 2010 to collect their TLRT Gift Dollars.
In the event that winning participants do not contact me within the stated
time frame, alternate name(s) will be drawn.

So please grab a chair at The Little Round Table by becoming a follower between today and midnight Pacific Time August 22, 2010, when I will draw the NAMES** for the giveaway prizes:

The First NAME drawn will receive $25 - TLRT Gift Dollars*

The Second NAME drawn will receive $25 - TLRT Gift Dollars*

The Third NAME drawn will receive $25 - TLRT Gift Dollars*

The Fourth NAME drawn will receive $25 - TLRT Gift Dollars*

And the Fifth NAME drawn will be for $100 - TLRT Gift Dollars*

*TLRT  Gift Dollars will be dispensed in the form of a check or direct payment
in US dollars to your PayPal account whichever you prefer

** All names will be put into a BIG FIESTA BOWL and drawn by Mr. TLRT


Become a public follower of TLRT
Comment on the ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY post 8/16 - 8/22
Check in on August 23, 2010 to see the winning names
Contact me by 8/30 to claim your winnings


  1. Ohhhhhhhh!!! Anticipation, hurry up 16th!

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN Hugs, Marydon

  2. Candy, your blog is wonderful. Giveaway or not, I visit your kitchen so often not only on Thursday but just when I want some inspiration. Your kitchen as Ive commented many times before is the Mother of all kitchens. I have yet to see one better and all of your decor is right up my ally. You inspired me to paint an old hutch I bought when I read your post on the yellow island redo. I wish you many more posts and days of blogging. - Melanie

  3. Thank you both, I am looking forward to the giveaway and it is coming up fast!

    Melanie - I'd love to see pictures of your hutch!


  4. Yay!! I am a new follower.Come by my blog and enter my giveaway! It's also a pretty good one!
    Love the music on your blog

  5. Thanks meeyeehere, hope you'll drop by again to enter the giveaway.


  6. Morning Ms Daphne!

    Yep, now counting down the hours!
    The actual "comment" post will be available sometime early Monday .... I have it set to post automatically, but since it's a little complicated code wise ..... I think I'll probably do it manually around midnight PST. Just watch the whole thing blow up!! LOL

    Hopefully NOT. I actually had a dream last night that blogspot went down and lost my WHOLE blog.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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