Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Evolution of That "Other" Kitchen

I've gotten emails requesting images of that "other" kitchen .....
what other kitchen you might ask?

About 10 years ago I posted the complete saga of the renovation of the kitchen in our
last house on my website.  Everyone agonized with me for the 2+ months it took to get my
house back and then Country Collectibles did a nice article on the kitchen ....
well not really on the kitchen, just the dishes.

As I was sorting old images today, I ran across some pictures from that article and the demo as it progressed. So for those of you who have asked for a rerun and for those of you who just wondered what that other kitchen looked like, here is the short version.

Brand new house, hated the kitchen, but the lender insisted it be installed as designed by the builder and completed before the loan could be finalized. OK. Move in, wait a year or so .... demo and start over.  All the cabinets and appliances were donated to a local church for their kitchen.

It was a perfectly nice kitchen.


Saying. "Goodbye kitchen." when we put the house on the market in November 2007.

It sold in seven days, the kitchen did it. :-)

Did you notice the hanging fixtures (hand made by a wonderful Southern California company) did NOT go with the house ..... they came to live with us in the new house.

If you check the layout, you can see that it is pretty much just what I used for the new
kitchen, although the new kitchen got stretched out a little bit both ways and I blew
the ceiling way up there!

Thanks for asking to see that "other" kitchen and to answer the other most asked question -
No I won't be doing this again anytime soon.  I love my kitchen.


  1. Hi Candy! Oh, your 'other' kitchen was beautiful, especially after you painted it white! But your 'new' kitchen is amazing. I'm not jealous, nope, not a bit. Well, yes, I admit it - I'm jealous! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Such great memories of our fun on Fiestafanatic, Candy! Watching you renovate was so inspiring, and I think of your ideas often now that I have my own home to customize.

  3. Candy, Im newer to blogland but have visited you and Im a follower. I never new there was another kitchen! I must say the orig builder one wasnt to shabby but I understand you wanting to change it. And what you changed it to was gorgeous, so light and airy. Now, the new, current kitchen just leaves me in awe every time I visit you for Tablescape Thursday or when you post something new. It truly is an inspiration kitchen, I'd wanna eat and sleep in there. lol Beautiful, Im so glad I caught the rerun.

  4. Oh Candy, this is so neat. How long have you been blogging? Love your kitchens, both of them. Interesting design. How neat to have your dishes in the magazine.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Your kitchens just keep getting better and better! Love the white island with the glass all the way around.

  6. Oh what a treat! I love both your kitchens! I could only dream about such a beautiful room! But I really love how much color you brought into the white kitchen. It really adds so much warmth! Something for me to think about! Thanks for sharing this!

  7. My favorite is your current kitchen. I've been through two kitchen renovations in two different houses. Not again any time soon! I remember doing dishes in the bath tub. But it's always worth it.

  8. Candy, I loved that "Fiesta Cafe" sign in the old kitchen window. Did you make it? Where might I find something like that for my home?

  9. Wow...I'd never heard the story of the remodel before. That white is just wonderful and oh how it showed off your display of Fiestaware. Makes you wonder how the kitchen looks now with the new owners.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. That other kitchen was featured on my now defunct website called fiestafanatic.com, which I owned from about 1998-2004. So I've only been blogging for just under a year (check out the sidebar for details of the upcoming 1st Anniversary Giveaway).

    I loved that white kitchen, but got over all that "white" and went back to what I really love, which is something with a little more color and character that looks a bit old world and timeworn. It's a calmer place and not as confining as the white kitchen, which had to be remodeled within the existing footprint because of load bearing walls.

    It's a wonderful fun process, but a huge investment of time and $$$ to do it ...... I think after all these years and all the kitchens I've cooked in, this time I've got it right.

    Janet -

    That's one of a couple of "Fiesta" signs I've had for years and years ..... both came from an artist who originally sold on eBay, but made it to the "big time" and stopped selling these one of a kind works of art. It wouldn't be hard to recreate one of these with some scratps of wood, some molding, and some craft paint!

    Cherry -
    The new owner didn't own a lot of dishes and didn't seem that interested in cooking, but loved the look of the old kitchen. :-)

    Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments and for stopping by, see you soon.


  11. Thank you for sharing this again. I have told everyone who will listen about your Fiestafanatic website and this kitchen as well as this blog. I still dream of both your kitchens. My friend, Sam, who is also a Fiesta collector did change out her cabinet doors and put glass. You inspired her. I do have to admit that we "borrowed" the sign idea way back when. She painted ours white and distressed it. They are still hanging in our kitchens today.
    It is always a joy to visit your blog. You inspire me as well. My friend and I are visting all your other postings.

  12. Hi Monica, nice to see you again!

    Kitchens are my favorite rooms in any house, I think it is such a personal space for all of us. :-)


  13. Candy: Your kitchens BOTH of them, were/are out of this world gorgeous! Especially the NEW, BIG one!!!

  14. Hi Gloria -

    Thanks for coming by .... the new one is certainly my personal favorite! LOL



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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