Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blue Monday: Dolls

Blue Monday has rolled around again over at Smiling Sally!
Come on over and bring your BLUES with you!

I've been unpacking some of my childhood dolls that have been confined to a trunk,
since we moved three years ago.

This fancy lady has a wax head and lovely handmade clothes.

These little china dolls were my grandmother's.

This little molded girl is made of some kind of clay that has been fired.

This little wooden hand carved doll used to have a blue skirt to match her shoes,
but the blue has faded over time.

And finally this little china doll was made in the late 1940s and has elastic holding
her arms and legs to the body.  The elastic is very old so her arms and legs are
pretty floppy and that poor little nose looks like she hit the pavement.

Sweet memories and many hours spent playing with these and all my other dolls.

Happy Monday to everyone and thanks for coming by to visit!


  1. Oh, your collection is wonderful! it's nice to see the old ones from your grandmother--I wonder how they survived all these years? But I think my favorite (are you allowed to have favorites of your dolls?) is the last one with her little homemade skirt and her ponytail! Linda

  2. Candy, what a treasure!! I love these little darlings and so glad you brought them out for us to see.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. They are ALL lovely. They look so special in the cloche. It's time they came out of the trunk-they are too pretty to be packed away. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. I love this treasured collection, and I love the way you displayed them under a cloche!

    Happy Blue Monday, Candy.

  5. All are precious !!! from one generation to next generation..I have to say " Impressive collections " thank you to share this to us : )

    Everyday Cat Visitor
    Everyday Melbourne
    Everyday Shot

  6. Your collection of vintage dolls is so fun!

  7. I love the idea of displaying the dolls in a cloche. It draws the proper attention to them.

  8. This is sweet collection. I really like the lady with the handmade clothes! Jacqueline

  9. It was about time you took these sweet dolls out of the trunk!

    How nice that you have those three little china dolls from your grandmother! My own grandmother wasn't a saver, so must of what I inherited from her was from the 1960's...

  10. What a wonderful collection of dolls. Thanks for sharing this beautiful little dolls with us, ~~Sherry~~

  11. Oh your dolls are so awesome!! I love old vintage dolls. I am so glad I found you on Blue Monday, I am following you now!

    Oh yeah, I love, love, love your header too! Very pretty :-)

    ~ Alex

  12. Oh wow those dolls looks good inside the glass they are very colorful. Great shot!

    Blue Monday

  13. What sweet little china dolls, they look so sweet under the cloche.
    Happy Blue Monday and have a great week!

  14. Lots of little lovely dollies. happy blue monday on my first blue monday!

  15. These little people are happy to be out of the trunk and back into the light of day!

    Thank you all for your lovely comments, I'll be featuring some additional childhood favorites in another post soon.


  16. Oh your little dollies are all so pretty!! I have a few myself and have crocheted for many antique dolls that have loved very much. Simple joys and treasures mean the most, don't they?
    Happy (late) Blue Monday!
    Take care,


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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