Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Olive Garden

I'm linking up to Centerpiece Wednesday over at Style Sisters,
drop on by to see all the pretty things!

My dish buddy and fellow vintage tablecloth enthusiast Daphne from Tabletop Time
sent me the sweetest surprise package for the 1st Anniversary of The Little Round Table!

She is such a sweetheart. The package held a set of darling olive napkin rings, an extremely
pretty little olive country plate and a new cute card of one of her kitty boys and her table!
I can't tell whether it is Sparkle or Fizz, they are both very handsome boys.
Thanks so much Daphne, dish buddies are just the best.

Kitty checking out the posies.

They look good enough to eat.

And the perfect little accessory plate for The Olive Garden!

I picked a bouquet from the garden and pulled out what I knew would be the perfect vintage tablecloth to accompany all the pretties Daphne sent me.

Vintage Fiesta Amberstone Disc Water Pitcher and Marmalade Jar.

Thanks Daphne!

I'm joining in on Mosaic Monday with a compilation of images from Daphne's Oilve Garden tablescape.  Come join the fun over at Little Red House!


  1. What a perfect gift for you, they look great on the table-enjoy!

  2. Oh Yipee! The package arrived! I'm so glad that you like it...I was excited to see how you'd use those little olivey bits, and you've made a fabulous table!

    Happy Anniversary!

    P.S. That's Sparkle on the card. The Fizz edition is in the works...

  3. Wonderful table...cheerful, warm, and bright. It looks as if you're serving my favorite style food.

  4. What a nice dish buddy, great gifts! Gorgeous table!

  5. Just lovely! Isn't mail call wonderful and fun?!!!! Friends are so wonderful ... good for spoiling us!

  6. What beautiful gifts and so thoughtful. I love them all. Your table is just as stunning as always. I am always inspired by your tablescapes and the way you mix your colors and dishes. Perfection. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi, Everything is just so beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful new week!

  8. Beautiful. Love the table cloth.

  9. What a thoughtful gift. You spotlighted each with this beautiful table for all of us to admire and enjoy. Your mosaics are perfect! ~ Sarah

  10. Hi,
    sono un'italiana che scrive e in queste foto ho scorto un'errore che per un italiano non è possibile fare:
    - " olio d'avolivo prodoto d'Italia "
    In Italiano si scrive :
    - " olio d' oliva prodotto in Italia "
    Spero di aver fatto capire che sicuramente questo olio di oliva non è Italiano come sicuramente la ceramica !
    Buona giornata :-)
    La tavola comunque è molto bella e ben composta !

  11. What lovely colors and the Black-eyed Susans are just so lovely! Cathy

  12. Another absolutely fabulous table setting! I just love each detail, the olive greens and yellows are brilliant and your tablecloth is just awesome! Everything - perfect!


  13. It is just perfect with Daphne's gifts, isn't it!

    What our Italian reader is telling us is that the wording on the "olive oil" vase is incorrect and has nothing to do with Italian genuine olive oil.

    That would be expected from a "tool crock" cum flower vase that I picked up at Safeway for about $2 a couple of decades ago. And it was made in China, so I guess their Italian language skills need some honing! :-)

    Did anyone notice the lovely pool of water on the tray under the "vase" ??? I had just started taking pictures when I saw a strange "shadow" through the lens ..... YIKES!! The tool crock was leaking all over the tablecloth .... I had forgotten that years ago I dropped a meat cleaver in it and the bottom cracked. So I grabbed the little tray to cover up the mess and kept on shooting!! I think I need a crew to help me with all this stuff! LOL

    Thanks again for coming by to see my tablescape and a big {{{HUG}}} for Ms Daphne.


  14. Stunning table! That amberstone color Fiesta is gorgeous, and just perfect with this table setting. I don't think I've seen you use that color before -- but I haven't yet worked my way through all your posts!

  15. Thanks Tricia ...... yeah, I'm still up! Now I'm all set to hit an eBay auction at 5:00AM without ever having gone to bed!! Way tooo much Pepsi in my life!!

    I'm not always completely diligent about the tags, but I have used Amberstone a couple of times before. I don't have a lot of it, as most of my vintage collection consists of the first six colors. Look down at the bottom of the post and hit the "Amberstone" tag .... it should bring up a couple of other posts where Amberstone appears. It is also shown in the vintage Fiesta Database, which you can get to via the sidebar link.

    Thanks for coming by again!


  16. Oh now I see the water! Funny! That bouquet is so perfect for this table with the golden black-eyed Susans and the olive branches. I'll keep visiting all day to take in all of the detail!

  17. Wonderful table setting as always.The colors are gorgeous,I liked the napkin ring.Hugs.

  18. Perfection! Wow I love it all...those napkin rings are so fun..the dishes are gorgeous and the centerpiece is aweome! Can I come over for dinner soon? :)
    Thanks for linking up at Centepiece Wednesdays today. Great ideas!!

  19. Thanks ladies, I do appreciate you stopping by....
    great combo of olive branches and B-E Susans .... they last forever in a vase! I did transfer them to a vase that doesn't LEAK! LOL


  20. I am enjoying a lazy Sunday morning visiting your old posts! They are one more fabulous than the next! I love this background music with the birds. I would love it on my baby blog which I started a couple of months ago! This tablescape is just beautiful and all my colors!!!!

  21. Thanks for coming by Barbara, glad you enjoyed your visit!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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