Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Week In My Garden - August 15

I'm joining everyone over at A Southern Daydreamer for this week's Outdoor Wednesday.
Sweltering here in Northern California, in the midst of the "dog days" of summer.  Many plants
are resting and waiting for the coolor temperatures sure to come in September and October.

A few of the roses are waking up, but the quality of the blooms show the effects of 
weeks of extreme heat.  Sometimes I just cut most of the buds off at this time of
year to allow the roses to recoup their strength from baking in the summer heat.

This one has the benefit of a bit of shade, but still shows washed out color.

Even the tips of the sword ferns get crispy of the reach too far out into the sunny path.

Most of the succulents love the heat and are recovering from last year's freeze damage.

Pretty obvious why the common name of this Echeveria is "Lipstick."

We had some very expensive critter activity in the garden this past week.  After 3+ years the
neighborhood racoons have figured out how to scale the garden wall.  They raided the closed
bucket of koi food earlier in the week and devoured the contents.  So I replace the bucket with
a more "secure" container and the carried that one off into a flower bed, trampled 4 square
feet of jade plants, destroyed the container and left not a crumb of another bucket of koi food.
The koi food will now be stored in the house.

Even the feathered friends of the garden were grumpy this week. No one wanted their picture
taken.  These are just a few of several hundred turkeys that roam the neighborhood.
Taken from about 100 yards away, my standard lens just doesn't do a great job.
Note to self - look into another lens, the one I said I didn't need. :-)

The quail babies are growing up and can now scale the garden wall with their parents, but
as soon as they saw me they starting running for their lives.

Maybe next week will be cooler. Fingers crossed.


  1. Beautiful pictures. The quail and the turkeys are so funny :-)


  2. Wonderful photos, the turkeys and quails are cute. Your rose is just gorgeous!

  3. You have a beautiful garden! Love those quails parading. I live down south and it is hot here too!

    Stay cool and happy one year blog anniversary!

    Outdoor Wednesday

  4. I always love looking at your garden pictures! Your photographs are stunning!

    Best wishes and happy blogiversary,

  5. Happy First Blogiversary!

    Love your garden! Raccoons are very wiley and determined creatures and there is not much they cannot get into! Love the quail and turkeys. My parents have wild turkeys on their property in Maine and I love watching them when I am up there.

    ~ Tracy

  6. Those are some awesome pics! I just love that lipstick plant, very neat! And your garden is fabulous, even in the heat. We have lot's of critters up our way too.
    take care,

  7. Wow, your photos are stunning. Beautiful. Those pesky raccoons are hard to deal with. We had one on our deck that tried to eat some fake birds eggs in a fake nest. It was kind of funny. I had cotton strewn all over my deck. He hasn't been back.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. I think everything looks amazing! Try Arizona sun... its brutal and my yard is so sad I can't even show it... does everyone in the neighborhood get a turkey for Thanksgiving?


  9. Your garden looks wonderful and the pictures of the quail babies are amazing. They must be such fun to watch!

  10. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing these glimpses of your wonderful garden!

  11. I love the turkeys! They are so funny...last year on vacation, I saw wild turkeys for the first time in Utah and follow them for a long time to get a good picture. The male in charge gave me a wonderful shot because he put up his tail feathers trying to protect all the gals. Your yard is still lovely, even with all the heat!

  12. i would love to have quails and wild turkeys walk through our front yard. :-) You have some lovely shots here.

  13. Thanks everyone for coming by ..... need to weed and feed the rose beds and am hoping for more beautiful roses as the heat abates.

    Happy gardening!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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