Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Week In My Garden

I'm joining all the Outdoor Wednesday lovers over at A Southern Daydreamer for
this week's party.  Please bring your outdoor images and join in.

Newcomers to the garden in the last few weeks is a flock of Black-Headed Grosbeaks,
Pheucticus melanocephalis.  Their large bills are used to crack open hard seeds and fruit.
Below is an adult female on the right and a young female on the left.

Adult females

Above Male House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) with another female grosbeak.

Below in the early morning light is an adult male with his black head
and a juvenile female on the right.

The adult male below has the brightest plumage and the most personality of the
entire flock and he is also the most skittish of the whole flock.  He's always wary and cocks
his head when he sees me. He's all set for Halloween with his orange and black outfit!

And this is what happens when you have a whole colony of birds in your garden.
There are sunflowers everywhere!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  1. Super cute bird pictures--I need to set up a feeder like yours, very pretty.

  2. Beautiful birdies! We have the House Finches here in Dallas too, but I have not been able to identify them, so thank you! I'm not sure if they are indigenous to this area, or if I just couldn't find them in my internet search of North Texas birds. A friend just came from vacation in Mexico City and said they were everywhere, and so friendly. We have been calling them our "red-headed birdies," for lack of a better name. They don't seem to mind!
    Cheers, Andrea

  3. Candy, your birds are delightful. I know they bring you joy. We feed many and I enjoy watching our little visitors.


  4. Love that cocked head pose...great pics :-)

  5. This made me stop right before now a put out a fresh cool bowl of water for the birds-got a small stick stuck in my foot, but can't wait for the birds to come-thanks for the idea-I'm sure both the birds and I will enjoy it!

  6. Fantastic shots of the birds! I have tried to put out food for my birds but the critters keep getting it first!
    I'm really impressed with your photos!

  7. Very pretty bird pic, what neat ones to have around too!

  8. Your bird shots are gorgeous. Love the shot of the colorful little male. God's little creations are such a joy to watch.

  9. These are simply marvelous photos of birds at a feeder. Looks like you have a passion for this subject. Nice job!
    Joyce M

  10. Beautiful photos of the finches! They look fantastic against the contrast of the feeder too! Great shots!

  11. Beautiful shots you took of the house finches! Now, I've got to go back and view your garden posts. You're garden looks really amazing! Stopping by from OW.

  12. All I can say yes WHOA. Those are striking pictures. Very beautiful.

  13. Wonderful photos - reminds me. I need to fill my feeder - I want some feathered friends too :-)

  14. I love looking at all the bird pictures you post! We have so many birds here, but I can never get a picture. I will keep trying! We had some grosbeaks passing through. They only stayed a week or two. I think we are in the middle of a migration path, because we get so many knids that just stay a bit!

  15. Very beautiful. We also have a lot of finches that visit our home. I like your bird feeder - I'm thinking it is a better solution than our hanging one. Although we get enjoyment watching them all try and feed at the feeder - there is one little bird that doesn't like anyone else on the feeder when he is there - even on the other posts - very funny - he chases them all away.

  16. Thanks so much for stopping by to see this week's birds! It is a constant source of amusement watching their antics!

    I've been unsuccessful taking pictures of them outside, which is why the feeders are now lined up outside the kitchen windows. So all of these images were taken from inside ..... the only additional thing you have to do ... is make sure your windows are clean! LOL



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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