Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Cobalt

I'm joining all the vintage lovers over at Coloradolady again today for
Vintage Thingies Thursday!  Bring your vintage goodies and join the fun.

Over the last few weeks I've shared some of my vintage Fiesta collection.

And I've also been building a reference database of the different

This week it's all about vintage Cobalt Fiesta.

Examples of vintage Cobalt from my collection.

Comport, also known as a compote.

Very rare French Casserole in Cobalt

Medium Tea Pot

Marmalade Jar in Royal Chrome holder

Covered Mustard Jar

Sugar Bowl

Bulb Candle Holder

Figure 8 Tray to hold a creamer and sugar

Footed Salad Bowl

From the back, dinner, luncheon, salad, bread and butter, and tea cup and saucer.

Thanks for stopping by again this week for Vintage Thingies Thursday,
hope to see you again next week.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! my favorites are the Sugar Bowl,Bulb Candle Holder and Marmalade Jar. Great Collection.Hugs, Fatima-Scrapart

  2. What is NOT to love about cobalt!!! It is such a rich color, and goes wonderful with the tablecloth you have chosen... The vibrant blue is enough punch to pop the little blue out of your vintage cloth... Love it!

  3. Love the cobalt dinnerware ... LOVE the tablecloth. Lovely setting ...
    Have a beautiful sumer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. Such wonderful blue beauties! The footed salad and French casserole are especially admired!

  5. The Fiesta dishes seem to making a big com back. I have seen several post lately with them in different colors. I believe I like this coblat blue the best. Sorry I did not keep my mothers.

  6. You have a wonderful collection of cobalt fiesta. Thanks for sharing, Sherry

  7. Wow- What a collection you have! The footed salad bowl is my favorite. It's just perfect for summer dishes...

  8. Wow! This color is fabulous and so regal. I always enjoy seeing pieces from your collection.

  9. Hi Candy~ just hopped over from Vintage Thingie Thursday! Your collection is really amazing! I am a new follower and am really looking forward to reading more of your lovely blog!

  10. You just took my breath away! I'm sitting here with my mouth open! Gorgeous! What a color!!!
    Every week, you just blow me away with your wonderful collection!

  11. I am blown away by your collections of fiesta. That cobalt is stunning!!

    Susan and Bentley

  12. You're so much fun, I love to visit here! I've never heard of the word "comport" before, learn something new every day, huh?! Love the figure eight tray for the sugar and creamer - I thought it was a relish tray. D'oh.

    Happy VTT,

  13. I don't have a set of Fiesta, but I know my style well enough to know that the cobalt is what I would have in my cabinets...if I had Fiesta. Rich, lovely color. Thank you for sharing your lovely collection. Cherry Kay

  14. It is always a treat to see your goodies! Love! Have a great VTT

  15. Fiesta must remain pretty "timeless" because I have some fairly new pieces of cobalt that are still this exact color and style.

    We LOVE Fiesta around here, and I see you do too!

  16. Thrilled -- I have found your blog and it is beautiful. You certainly have a treasure in your tablecloths and Fiesta ware. Thank you sharing it.
    Your kitchen is beyound words.

  17. Be still my heart! I LOVE your blue Fiesta ware. Gorgeous!!


  18. My very favorite color, cobalt blue-and it's hard to choose when you are a quilter & fabric collector! Our sr.pastor's wife has a great vintage Fiestaware collection from her mom but it's all the pastel colors. I hadn't seen this fabulous blue.

  19. Thank you all for coming by for your BLUE fix!

    It is a regal color and just seems to have a life of its own! Keetha, if you are looking at Fiesta made since 1986-present, the color is most likely Sapphire, which is the closest new color to vintage Cobalt. The new "Cobalt" is more Navy blue and looks black in most images.

    And Roslyn, those pastels are most like Fiesta made in the 80s and probably include Apricot, Yellow (pale pale yellow), Rose (which in the 80s was lighter than later runs of Rose) and Periwinkle (which is a pale blue). You can check out the color chronology of Fiesta since 1936 to present via the link on the sidebar! And you can also click over to the Vintage Fiesta Database, via the sidebar link, to check out colors you might encounter in the wild or see in the homes of friends and family.

    Again, thanks so much to all you lovers of blue for coming by again this week! Next week it's gonna be GREEN for Vintage Thingies Thursday!


  20. Ok, that may be my new favorite color now. And that footed salad bowl is great.

  21. The footed salad bowl is my favorite piece as well. Great color. You have an incredible collection. Great post!

  22. Wow!! What a collection. That's amazing!!

  23. Thanks for stopping by ladies, hope to see you again next week with GREEN vintage for VTT.



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