Thursday, September 2, 2010

Classic Blue and Yellow

Or as it is known in Fiesta speak ...... Sapphire and Sunflower.

The world would be a much grimmer place without color.

Come away from the dark side and play in the rainbow of Fiesta colors.

I'm joining Artie for his new meme Vignette Fridays over at Color Outside The Lines.
I'm joining everyone over at Bargain Hunting With Laurie for A Few of My Favorite Things.

This vintage tablecloth is paired with two of the Fiesta blues .... Periwinkle and
Sapphire, plus Sunflower.  Vintage Fiesta Cobalt Blue in the form of the Marmalade
Jar and the Sauce Boat are also joining in this celebration of classic yellow and blue.

Contemporary napkins with a vintage feel are paired with $1 napkin rings from
Bed Bath Beyond, along with vintage American Directoire sterling.
Fiesta can play with the everyday as well as the fancy stuff!

Glassware from Pier 1 and Cost Plus.

Roses from my late summer garden.

Vintage Cobalt Fiesta Sauce Boat

It takes a sharp eye and some experience to distinguish between contemporary
Sapphire (very limited run and initially it was an exclusive for Bloomie's )
and vintage Cobalt.  Making this comparison even more confusing is that the
creamer was an item that was not officially produced in Sapphire, but there
are a few of them out there.  The covered sugar has the classic vintage finial and
handles in this Cobalt example.

This Fiesta Dripcut Syrup Pitcher and Cream Soup Bowl are vintage Yellow Fiesta.

One of the newest items recently released is the Fiesta Jam Jar in Sunflower and White, with a
Sapphire not officially produced Juice Pitcher just in the image at the left.  The tall pitcher clad in
Fiesta Sunflower glaze is from a very short lived line called Fiestaware2000 and was produced for
a charity auction for the East Liverpool High School Alumni Association.

The "crystalline" glazed carafe at the center of the table is another piece of contemporary
Fiesta that was produced especially for one of the ELHSAA auctions.  The Periwinkle
Juice pitcher alongside the Carafe is an oddity with the interior glazed in Turquoise and the
exterior in Periwinkle.  When the glaze is applied prior to firing, the different colors are almost
indistinguishable from one and other.

To finish off, here's the anatomy of the place setting.

Berry bowl and luncheon plate in Sunflower, salad plate in Periwinkle
and dinner plate in Sapphire.

Thanks for stopping by to visit The Little Round Table in yet another incarnation!
I do appreciate your visits and your comments.


  1. Lovely!!! I love your collections, and I just adore your tablescapes! I keep meaning to ask everytime I drop by if your counters and backsplash are soapstone? Let me know when you get a chance! Thanks for joining up with Vignette Friday's this week. I really appreciate it, and hope to see you again next time! :)

  2. Beautiful tablescape! The colors look lovely!

  3. Beautiful table setting...and I especially love your tablecloth!

  4. Same ole thing on your blog - just a whole lot of complete fabulousness! I love everything you do with your Fiesta! :) Nancy

  5. Always a beautiful tablescape!! I love the cobalt blue!!

  6. Your collection is incomparable!

    However, the shot that really grabbed me is the yellow roses in the yellow vase.


  7. Another beautiful table setting. You never cease to amaze me with your collection and skill at creating a fabulous table in your fabulous kitchen.

  8. Fiestaware is so perfectly named - it's so happy. Everything looks beautiful and cheerful, the perfect start to my day, thank you!

    Happy weekend
    xo Isa

  9. Blue, yellow, & white is one of my favorite color combinations, and I adore this tablescape. The pitchers really captured my attention. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  10. I just love this yellow and blue tablescape!! Gorgeous!!


  11. OMG!!!!! An NOP Sapphire Juice! TDF! I had no idea those existed! Saphire is definitely in my top 5! Awesome TC as well. I have a budding love for dots! Happy Labor Day weekend!

  12. Gorgeous! I love yellows and blues together. You just cannot go wrong with Fiestaware. I was single-minded when I used to collect Fiesta and always zeroed in on the cobalt. Whenever I see your settings, it makes me wish I had branched out. Guess it is never too late to start collecting it again...

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  13. Everything is beautiful! This time, I'm lovin' the napkins best-enjoy:@)

  14. Oh how I just adore blue and happy and beautiful! So many great details on your table...but that tablecloth steals my heart!

    Miss Bloomers

  15. Oh, it's such fun to visit The Little Round Table. I learn something new about Fiesta with each visit. The Sapphire and Sunflower are magnificent.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend. ~ Sarah

  16. Thank you all for coming by to check out the Sapphire and Sunflower! It is a cheerful combination that seems to make everyone smile!

    And Rebecca's (MyBecca) reaction is pretty typical of even an advanced collector. She's a fellow collector and even after all these years can be excited and surprised about the dishes we love! The color combinations are endless!

    Hope to see you all again soon here on The Little Round Table!


  17. Oh Candy, I always LOVE seeing your kitchen. It should be in a magazine. I love how you tied this cheerful tablescape in with your kitchen by putting the Fiesta on the island too. Blue and yellow are a favorite color combination of mine, and you've done it beautifully. Love that vintage table cloth. Maybe you've shown it on a past post, but I've never seen the other side of that wonderful island. I hope you'll show it some time. Thank you for linking this to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  18. This is beautiful. I am hosting a 50 dollar CSN Giveaway on my blog. I would love for you to stop by. Thanks Anu!

  19. Thanks ladies!

    Laurie that green table is just one of several pieces I rotate in and out of the kitchen as the mood strikes me. :-)

    There is a post that shows the kitchen without the green table ( it serves as a buffet for The Little Round Table and holds placemats, candles, trivets, etc.) The Timberlake Island was featured recently in a Playing With Paint post


  20. Your fiesta dishes are so pretty in that fabulous kitchen setting.
    I have never collected Fiesta but i do have a friend who has collected for years . She would love ssing this blog.


  21. Artie asked above:

    "I keep meaning to ask everytime I drop by if your counters and backsplash are soapstone? Let me know when you get a chance!"

    Somewhere in the Evolution of My Kitchen post, I think I answered that .... had to go look up the exact name .... lemme see if I can find it!

    Yup, here it is from the comments section of this post

    "I did design it myself (along with the rest of the house) and tried to include all the things that had worked in past kitchens I had worked in over the years in different houses.

    The kitchen is approx 20'x 20

    The hood surround came from a company in Sacramento and is one of my favorite features in the kitchen.

    The Viking range is a wonderful piece of equipment.

    The counters are granite "Costa Esmeralda". Depending on what part of the quarry it comes from it can be very blue or more green. We waited and looked for almost a year to find large enough "green" slabs to use in the kitchen.

    The pine flooring came as raw wood from Carlisle and was stained and sealed in our choice of colors. It runs throughout the house, no carpet, no vinyl, just all pine flooring. It helps make all the rooms "seem" larger and flow together with no break for a seamless look. Look at the pictures closely and see that the flooring helps to make the room seem larger than it actually is. To read more about the company we dealt with go to

    The cabinets are a mid-range line by Medallion in Knotty Alder. In the white kitchen I talked about in the last house, I went for custom high end cabinets. Never again. I spent as much on those cabinets, which after all only hold dishes, as I did on the entire kitchen shown above - including the appliances.

    There is no permanent island in the kitchen. I have several pieces that come and go and serve that function. A storage piece with butcher block top and drawers below (you can't really see it in these images) is due for a makeover and new paint job soon. I've had it for about 20 years and it has been in my last 3 kitchens, as well as in my daughter's kitchen for a few of those years. Still trying to decide what color to paint it - down to three choices: medium gray, a soft green or yellow/gold to match one of the wall colors. Time will tell!

    I also have a stainless steel 6 x 3 prep table that just recently left the scene, as it seemed to just collect stuff. I never really used it as a prep table. Gotta have myself looking out the window and near the sink. It may make a return appearance, but right now it is in my greenhouse."

    See ya all again soon!


  22. ZOMG! Where? How? You have a matted glazed Fiesta carafe! I'd love to hear how you came by that piece....

  23. Like I said on another comment .... I've been up since 3 AM on Racoon Patrol! Those %$#*^^% creatures!

    One more here before I go back to bed!

    You can read more about the Crystalline Glaze Carafe on another post at:

    It is a very very special piece!


  24. I can't believe I missed so many great tables! I love this color combo, and it's always great to see the crystalline glaze in use.

  25. LOL Daphne! You had a busy holiday weekend, so it's so wonder you missed a few and are just catching up.

    I have another blue/yellow combo I'm itching to do before summer is gone again.


  26. Wow, I love that blue and yellow look. It is so summery. And that vintage cloth is gorgeous. Thanks for so much inspiration.

  27. You are very welcome Eileen, hope you'll stop by again sometime.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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