Thursday, September 9, 2010

French Directoire Cabinet

It's time for another Furniture Feature Friday over at Mustard Seed Creations
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My "good china" has always lived in the base of the antique pine hutch, which can be seen on some of the posts from the last few months like this one from November 2009. Great storage, but difficult to get to on the low deep shelves, as I finally acknowledge that my knees and lifting power are not what they used to be.

So now the "good dishes" live in this reproduction French Directoire cabinet, along with some large serving pieces and sets of decorative dessert/salad plates.

Storing all the cups and soup bowls always takes up so much shelf space, so I installed plain old cup hooks to save space.  It works incredibly well and about doubles the ususable space on that particular shelf.

Thanks for stopping by to see one of my favorite pieces of furniture!


  1. That cabinet is just adorable and looks wonderful. The cup hooks are a great idea -- all my cups and soup bowls with handles tend to be stored at the top of my closet! Beautiful 'fancy' dishes, also.

  2. I love all your dishes. I am jealous of all that storage. We have no more room for anymore furniture in our house, so anymore storage is out of the question.

  3. I love that cabinet! It is beautiful! I hope to find a similar one for in our living room one day.

  4. Wonderful Directoire cabinet. Like the hooks for the cups and cream soups. Kept trying to see enough of the other patterns to identify them...such a Nosey Nellie. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments!

    Storage is always a problem for those of us who "collect". Susan - think about converting a closet into storage. It's amazing how much can be stored in a regular closet converted to "dish" storage with the addition of sturdy shelves!

    Cherry Kay - Most of those dishes have been featured in one tablescape or another. There's a bit of Meissen, Rosenthal, Haviland, most of it is European and some of it has IDs and some not. There's also a bit of Homer Laughlin overflow on the bottom shelf.


  6. Cherry -

    I should have also mentioned that some of it is courtesy of HOME GOODS!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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