Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Love Cherubs and Roses Make My Heart Sing

I   Cherubs and Roses Make My ♥ 

I'll also be linking up for some additional memes in the next couple of days:

Roses from my late summer garden.

Cherub vase, roses and some of my favorite vintage things.

Vintage teacup and saucer with matching dessert plate that was my grandmother's.

Tiny personal petit point mirror I purchased in Vienna in 1955.

My family drove from Heidelberg to Vienna in a 1948 Kaiser just weeks after the
reopening of the border between West Germany and Austria.  Finding gas stations
was a tricky thing and each time we stopped we were the focus of intense interest
from the local population, as was the car.  They had been cut off from most contact
with the outside world since the end of WWII ten years earlier.

Options on these cars were limited to overdrive, heater, radio and smaller accessories
(including a driver's side bud vase!) and a broad selection of interior colors.

Thanks for stopping by The Little Round Table and thanks to all the hosts of these weekly memes!


  1. That is very pretty. The victorian pieces are so romantic. I love the cherub vase. His face is so cute and I want to pinch that little belly!

  2. Everything is so pretty!! Your roses are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful post. The cherubs are delightful. The vintage tea cup and saucer made my heart sing.
    And "Days of Wine and Roses" - perfect.

  4. Your roses are awesome! I love the story about the old car, and your collection of beautiful items and memories is so nice. May you have a wonderful evening. Mumzie

  5. Your vintage things are very pretty.

  6. Oh what a wonderful VTT. Everything on here is absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed your story about the car too. This is my first visit and I am so glad I came by. Blessings

  7. so much eye candy!

    i love that dear little petit point's GORGEOUS!!

  8. This is one of my favorite posts of yours! I love the teacup set and the little beautiful! That's a great story about the car and how neat to have a little bud vase...just one of those simple things to brighten a day!

    Have a wonderful ViNtAgE tHiNgIe ThUrSdAy!


  9. Oh my this is such a darling post. I love love love the teacup and the mirror. I am off to cruise around your blog.

  10. Very beautiful,very romantic. The roses are beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Such beautiful pieces. The cups and saucer is just gorgeous, the colors are so vivid. Happy VTT

  12. Goodness!!

    What gorgeous things you have shared with us here today but my favorite is the tea cup set!! It is just to die for!!


  13. Thank you all for your generous comments!

    I love my roses and paired with just a couple of "memory makers", I can while away an entire morning.


  14. LOVE your colorfull blog! This is my first time here and it is breathtaking! The banner at the top is just the best. Bravo!

  15. Welcome! Glad you like the header, it changes a bit every week, so I hope you'll be back to see a new version.


  16. oh god, i just love the minitatures and the tea cups, so beautiful and so exquisite, things like these are my weakess and i am forever looking for them to increase my collection, i just love this post for the lovely pictures

  17. Thank you Annie! If you stop back, are you THE Annie from Annie's Annuals? Some of my posie images used to be on your site a number of years ago.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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