Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Neighborhood Wild Life

I'm joining everyone over at A Southern Daydreamer for another edition of
Outdoor Wednesday.  Please join us!

A trip around the neighborhood with my youngest granddaughter to check out
some of the local wildlife.  We didn't get images of everything she spotted, the squirrels
were too quick for us, the quail skittered away and the mama deer with her twins went
down a ravine out of sight.  But, we did capture some other critters.

The cutest of all the wild life.

Turkeys in our park.

Turkeys as road hazards.

Turkeys in the open spaces.

Horses in the neighborhood pasture.

Granddaughter calls these the "lazy cows" because they don't walk up to our
property to visit.

And then there are "Grandma's cows" who graze the back of our property.  We haven't seen much
of "our" cattle this year.  With all the the Spring rains this year there was plenty to eat and the
herds that range over the 2,000 acres of open space owned by our little neighborhood spent most
of the summer up in the hills.  We've never seen the grass this high since we built here four years ago.  It's good to see the herds coming back to mow down some of this tall grass, which is a real fire hazard until the rains come again in November.

Just as the sun was coming up over the ridge to the east of us.

One of two new calves spotted on that morning, just days old and so cute and independent.

Thanks for visiting again this week, hope to see you again very soon.


  1. Another wonderful walk with you, Candy. Love that wee one running off to see ...

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Love the photographs...I love the character in the oak trees. I enjoyed the tour, thank you!

  3. Great outdoor shots!


  4. This was such a fun post for me. We don't see many..if any...wild turkeys at the Jersey Shore. Horses yes, turkeys not so much!

  5. Hello Candy,

    Great photos of all the neighborhood wildlife! Love the horses and cows!

    ~ Tracy

  6. What a beautiful area you live in. Thanks for sharing.

  7. These are such wonderful pictures! What a fun nature walk! :D

  8. Two youngest grands will be back for a long weekend, so perhaps my little critter spotter will take Grandma on another search for wild life.

    See you all next week!



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