Sunday, September 12, 2010

Please Talk To Me!!

Conversations At The Little Round Table

Pull up a chair and help me test a new feature here on TLRT

It is very basic in its infancy ..... just give it a try and let's see if we can get some
conversations going!  You can access it from this post or click on the chatting
going on over on the sidebar.  You do have to register (I just used the same User
ID and Avatar that I use for Blogger) since the software is provided by a third
party.  Let me know if you have any problems reading or posting on the Forum
and I'll share my 1 HOUR of experience!!


  1. Hi Candy - went in and answered the first question, no problem. I've been wanting to ask you a question about where to find the Made in China chargers that you use. Is there a place in the Forum for something like that (question to you, that is)? Anyway, I think the Forum is a great idea, especially if we can see the questions and answers from others...

  2. Good Morning!

    Deb, this is exactly why I hope the forum might serve our needs better!

    I've answered that question probably half a dozen times, but I don't think that I could even find where I responded to the query.

    I'm going to make you work for the answer. :-)

    Please go in and post in the "Questions?" section/forum.

    We will all be figuring out how this thing will flesh out as time goes on, but I think it is probably a good idea to make the title to the thread be something like, "Where to find Made in China chargers?" or at least contain the word "Chargers". Hopefully that way the search engine can find the answer replies easily.

    This is all editable and threads/topics can be moved from one place to another as we feel our way around.

    So go post your question and let's see if this forum can flex its muscles and work for us!


  3. Okay, I'll throw out a question. I absolutely love and admire the beautiful table settings on your blog and others that I've linked to. Seeing them makes me want to collect and create. My challenge is that we downsized a couple of years ago and my storage space is at a premium. I am reorganizing as I go, and as I add to my decorating and tablescaping treasures. Does anybody have any tips? As I see the beautiful photographs, I sometimes think that their creators must have enormous storage capabilities in their homes! Thanks --

  4. Good Morning Annie Joy!

    Another PERFECT question for the new forum (message board). This is another question that is asked all the time and the new forum application is a great place to ask the question, so that the answer(s) and ideas of other readers will be easily accessible.

    Please click on the Forum link in this post or on the sidebar. You can really ask the question anywhere, but try the "Questions and Conversations" section. Add a "Reply" and as I said above, try to put a keyword in the title of your message. That way the Search function can find it later on.

    Something like Storage ideas? or Storage tips?.

    I would love to see you post on the forum so we can get some responses from other readers.

    And you can also click on my sidebar to see some of my storage ideas. :-)


  5. Ok, I'm fairly new to blogging and still working my way through your blog.
    1. Are these all of your dishes?
    2. How long have you been collecting?
    3. Where do you keep them all? (I have limited space, so I need to get creative with my storage. Got any ideas?)
    4. What is the best way to store table linens?

    Sorry to blast you with so many questions at once.~Ames

  6. All questions that are perfect for the new Forum!

    Please post them over on The Little Round Table Forum, that way the answers will be accessible to review at a future date and to share with other readers.

    Join the conversation and we'll chime in with some answers for you. I'll be away until later Monday evening, so I'll check in then.


  7. I LOVE the song that plays when your site comes on. Beautiful!

  8. Thanks Sue, I appreciate you stopping by.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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