Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday Favorites: It's Lilac, Plum and Lemongrass For Dinner

I'm reposting this for Chari's Sunday Favorites over at Happy To Design
Come join the fun!
Originally posted  October 6, 2009


This pretty vintage cloth just called out for a set of great colors!  Lemongrass, Plum and Lilac with a bit of White thrown in sure fits the bill.

The Anemones are from the garden, sterling is American Directoire, vintage glassware,
napkins from Home Goods and the froggy napkin rings came from eBay.
White chargers are Made in China.

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  1. Love this! Now I have to have purple dishes. You have such a way with tablescapes. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.~Ames

  2. This would be perfect for a Mardi Gras celebration! The colors have amazing impact. Thank you for sharing your design. Cherry Kay

  3. Hi Candy...

    My friend, this pretty shade of green and lilac is one of my favorite color combinations! I even had a bedroom done in these colors many years ago...I just loved it! That really is one of the prettiest tablecloths! Ohhh...and I love your silver frog napkin rings...such fun! Thank you so much for sharing your pretty table with us for Sunday Favorites...such a treat!

    Have a super Sunday, Candy!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  4. This is one of my favorite color combos ever. Love it. I have never seen that lilac in the pottery before..

  5. Purple Fiesta and Green Depression glass.

    Very nice!

  6. When I was making jewelry, I used to combine amethyst and peridot and people loved it! Such a different combination, but striking. Looks stunning, as always!

  7. WoW! What a beautiful setting this is. The colors are really great together. I never would have thought to combine them. And why not, I have a green lawn and so many purple flowers outside I should have known they'd be good together inside.

  8. WOW.. what gorgeous colors !! Terrific mixture of elements!Love it.

  9. This tablecloth is one of my favorites! But, I say that about all of them. :-) Whoever designed this one was truly inspired and what an odd couple of colors that work perfectly!

    Thanks for stopping by,

  10. How absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad Chari hosts the Sunday Favorites, or I'd never have found you!

  11. Welcome Anitra, so glad you found us!

    Stop back again soon or jump over to the new Forum feature (at the top of the sidebar) and introduce yourself please.



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