Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunday Favorites: Pink Magnolias

I'm reposting this for Chari's Sunday Favorites over at Happy To Design.
Come join the fun!

Originally posted  October 2009

I'm not usually a fan of large flowers on vintage tablecloths, but this one is an exception.
I think these are stylized magnolias.  Rose, White and Black Post 86 Fiesta,
Cityscape flatware, contemporary glassware. Roses from my garden.

The donkey planter/vase is also vintage and came in many colors,
handpainted with gold highlights and also cold painted.


  1. Such a fun table. Definately worth repeating.

    I'd love to have you join us at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Yes, this table is definitely worth a rerun. Love those napkins with the pink bows and each one of those precious little donkeys. ~ Sarah

  3. Another beautiful tablescape. I know its magnolia blossoms, but the colors remind me of apple blossoms. That donkey vase is very fetching, do you have all those colors in your collection?

  4. My mom had a donkey kind of like that. It was terra cotta and had a cactus growing in it's back.

  5. I love pink and green together. A lovely table setting for sure!

  6. I really like the large flowers on the table cloth, and it is a great shade of pink. Beautiful!

    I thought of you yesterday when I bought a vintage tablecloth. I have no idea what kind it is, but boy is it in great shape. 18.00 is all I paid, so I was really excited!


  7. Hi Candy...

    Love your beautiful vintage "magnolia" tablecloth! That's such a pretty shade of pink! The fiestware pink goes perfectly with the tablecloth! I also really like those sweet, pink ribbon napkins! Gorgeous, my friend! Thank you for sharing your beautiful table with us today for Sunday Favorites!!!

    Warmest Labor Day wishes...
    Chari @Happy To Design

  8. Eye candy! Loving all the pink on your table. Thanks for re-posting! Its all new to me.


  9. Mary - Congrats on your tablecloth! Be very very careful ...... they are very addicting!

    Jane - Donkeys are like rabbits, they just seem to multiply! I think I have about a dozen in my collection!

    Hope to see you all again very soon!


  10. I have a McCoy basket with a glaze simliar to the fruit skin...must have been a pottery trend!

  11. Hi Daphne -

    I think of it in the same way I think about the "crystalline" glazes. Beautiful, but perhaps not something that would work for mass production. So many great ideas from the past.



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