Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Centerpiece Wednesday

This is a post I did last November 10th, but I thought it might work for today's
Centerpiece Wednesday, as many of you in colder climates begin to clean up the
garden for the winter months to come.  Join in over at Style Sisters.

Garden Debris is a great source for year round on the cheap table decor. Last week I showed you an urn filled with a bunch of garden debris that included the drying fruits from the
Canary Date Palm - Phoenix canariensis.

This week's garden debris offering also includes parts from a Canary Date Palm and Butia capitata - Jelly Palm in addition to clippings from Italian Cypress - Cupressus sempervirens, seed pods from an hybrid Gasteria, and some lemons, pomegrantes, Mandarin oranges and a grapefruit from the garden.

Cornucopia - The cornucopia (Latin: Cornu Copiae) is a symbol of food and abundance dating back to the 5th century BC, also referred to as horn of plenty, Horn of Amalthea, and harvest cone.

My table decor isn't exactly the shape of a traditional horn of plenty, but remember that it is free debris!  The base is a dried covering of the fruit from a Jelly Palm. These last forever, the ones above are probably 8 years old.  They can be run through a short cycle on the dishwasher, varnished or sealed.  I have also used these as great chip/dip holders on a buffet table or to hold buns/ rolls.  Once they are dried they can be cut with a table saw into any shape/size you desire and make great hostess gifts decorated as shown here or holding any sort of cute gifts from the garden. Think of them as "wood" because that's how strong and sturdy they are.

The dried bare piece to the right is the Canary Date Palm stem from two years ago where the little yellow/orange fruits have completely fallen away.  The greenery is the Cypress clippings, the little yellow berried stems are this year's crop of fruits just beginning to form on the Canary Date Palm, the larger green pods on the stem are from the Gasteria.

My little helper, who went back outside after checking out the dishes gathering together in preparation for the upcoming holiday.

Thanks for coming by to visit!


  1. Hi Candy...

    Wow...this is a fabulous "take" on a cornacopia! I love it!!! So unique and much prettier than a regular cornacopia! I have never seen or even heard of these jelly palms...but the leaves really are fabulous! They make the perfect cornacopia!!! Love, love, LOVE everything that you added to it! So very pretty, Candy!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Just beautiful! Love the "cornucopia!"


  3. Thanks Chari and Katherine!

    Not really Fall here in California, but I'm thinking about pulling this out and doing something different with it this year.



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