Thursday, September 9, 2010

The White Clematis

Join the party over at Color Outside The Lines for

WOW!! It 's time for Tablescape Thursday again!
Join our hostess Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch.

Seems so soon after a long holiday weekend and a shortened week this time around.

Some of you may have seen a sneak peek of this tablescape for Rednesday posted
yesterday.  I'm loving this vintage tablecloth paired with the Red Stripe Post 86
Fiesta!  Scarlet and Pearl Gray Post 86 join the mix, polka dot tumblers from
Target and "Cityscape" flatware.

The white Clematis is 'Arctic Queen' from my garden,
the roses are 'Altissimo' an old time climber.

Vintage Homer Laughlin casserole called the "Handy Andy" bowl, has its own metal base and cover.  (The cover is shown on the back table sitting on another bowl.)

Vintage Fiesta salt and pepper shakers.  You can see these vintage items along with many other vintage Fiesta shapes and colors over on the
There is also a permanent link to that database on the sidebar, along with a link
to the tablecloth database Tablecloths From The Little Round Table

The Post 86 Red Stripe Disc Pitcher, newly released Post 86 Jam Jar and a vintage
Homer Laughlin "Apple Tree" bowl in Ivory.

Vintage syrup pitcher with Bakelite handle.  This piece also appeared in last week's tablescape

One of my favorite Post 86 Fiesta shapes, the "Hostess" Bowl.  This was originally an
exclusive piece for a department store, but is now available via many sources.
Shown here in Scarlet, the design reminiscent of the Art Deco era also appeared on
the Presentation Bowl and Millennium Candle Holders.

Thanks for coming by for another Tablescape Thursday!

More flowers from my garden are shown on today's Vintage Thingies Thursday,
so check that out too!


  1. I love your tablescape. Polka dot glasses are very clever.

    Sheila @

  2. I do always love your tables! Love the dots before my eyes mixed with the stripes. -- colors are, as always, wonderful -- and you know I covet you beautiful tablecloth collection!

  3. I love this Red and gray together, it is stunning! When I first opened your page I thought the white flower might be a poinsetta. It is a lovely flower and I will have to look into finding myself one.

    You always have the prettiest tables and such interesting pieces. Thank you so much for all the work you do to provide such a lovely, neat and clear table setting. Your photography is excellent.

    From Virginia

  4. Scarlet, gray, ivory...oh la la! This table contains so many of my favorite things! I especially love the double vases and the way they accentuate the stemware.

  5. I love the bright red against the gray and cream. It really pops. Always look forward to your tablescapes!

  6. Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed putting this one together! Pretty different than many of my vintage tablecloths, would love to get an ID on the maker of this cloth.

    I have received some emails about the comment form not working last night ..... and here I thought it just wasn't appealing! I've reset the "posting" time so hopefully the problem is solved.


  7. Oh my.....this is the absolutely most wonderful table!!!! Thank you so much for doing this I am off to search for red and grey fabric.....
    Thank you so much for posting!

  8. So pretty, thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you Jaybird and Anony!

    Mary - That Clematis is on it's second round of blooms this summer and I think it has about worn itself out. Normally it is a much chubbier flower, but the heat seems to have reshaped it into a leaner looking bloom. :-)


  10. What a lovely table. I love your flowers - gorgeous; your linen - lovely; your dinnerware - so cheerful; (gotta love the polka dots); your accessories, awesome! I appreciate the information you provide on your dishes and learning about the special pieces in your collection. Your kitchen in the background is pretty amazing, too!

  11. So far, this is my favorite of all your tablescapes. The cloth is truly a treasure. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  12. Your flowers are so beautiful! I am envious. Mine are not happy after a long, hot summer. As always, I love your tablecloth. I don't know what I was thinking by not picking up those tumblers at Target.

  13. That certainly is a beautiful tablecloth! Though I must confess that, as this is my first visit to your kitchen, I might have missed the finer details because I am in such awe of your kitchen! An incredible space, and you've done it up so nicely. I LOVE what you've done on the... mantle?... on the range hood- great use of the vertical space!
    : ) Meg

  14. Thank you all for coming by to see my latest tablescape and for your lovely comments. It's just another way for me to use some of my favorite Red Stripe Fiesta!

    Hope to see you all again very soon,

  15. Candy, this is such a lovely, sophisticated color scheme! That tablecloth is stunning, and you've shown it -- and those glorious clematis -- to perfection with the red and gray tableware.

  16. Candy! Thanks so much for linking up to Vignette Fridays this week! I love your vignette. So beautiful and original - and most importantly: INSPIRATIONAL! I love the whole 'scape' but I would permanently borrow your tablecloth! LOL! Love it! :) All the best, Artie

  17. HI Candy! Stripes and dots - love it and the red and white are so crisp. I've never seen a serving bowl like yours! Your have everything Fiesta! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Candy, This is one of my very favorite of all your tablescapes! I LOVE the napkin rings...are they a recent find? The colors in the tablecloth are gorgeous and go so beautifully with the flowers and your dishes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, but then I LOVE all your tablescapes! Have a great weekend.

  19. Dramatic Heading! I will never forget that day or the day Kennedy was shot! Your tablescape is so special with the lovely colors of the tablecloth. I viewed all the details of the red and white tablescape.

  20. Thanks everyone....this is a new addition to my tablecloth collection and I'm loving it!

    Sheila, that bowl is Homer Laughlin and fairly easy to find at fleas, markets, etc.

    Susan, I've had those napkin rings for several years ..... on sale at Bed, Bath Beyond for $1 each!

    Texas Tea - Welcome! Glad you like the header, it changes once a week or so, hoping you'll stop back for the next version!


  21. Stunning. My favorite yet from you and that's a hard call to make!

  22. Thanks Kathy! Hopefully the NEXT one will be your new favorite! :-)



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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