Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Down On The Farm

with a view of Fall in Northern California.  Cooler nights have arrived, but days are
still much like summer. My garden continues to produce wonderful fresh vegetables
and with temps down in the 80s the roses are coming out of their slumber from the heat
of summer. Sauces and such have been simmering on the stove all week as I put up
things to brighten up meals in the dark days of winter that will be here all too soon.

The vintage tablecloth is topped with a Post 86 large Pasta Bowl in Scarlet filled with
the bounty of  a fall garden.  Lemongrass, Turquoise and Scarlet Fiesta make up
the placesettings, with the addition of the bowl from the Diner line from Homer Laughlin.
The glass flowered tumblers are from Pfaltzgraff, flatware is Cityscape, napkins and Red
tumblers  from Home Goods and napkin rings from eBay.

Red sauce in the making.

Lots of salads on the menu at this time of year, especially using my favorite heirloom tomato 'Mexico.'
And the tomatillos made into fresh salsa verde are topping pans of chicken enchiladas.
The best sauce ever! Those dark green Pablano peppers add just the right secondary taste to the sauce along with some Cayenne and Jalepenos!

EDIT: I'm adding a picture of my farm sink after several requests to see it up close!

Thanks for coming by for another tablescape,
 please stop back next week for lots of Halloween tables!


  1. What a great tablecloth! I can't believe you're still getting all of these goodies from your garden-enjoy:@) Not one pablano -not one- out of my garden this year, bummer.

  2. Another spectacular tablecloth -- and what a perfect centerpiece for it! The Fiesta colors you used are perfect, as always. Love it!

  3. Wow! This table is spectacular. I just love all the colours and your kitchen...I can't find a word. I don't think I have ever seen one so beautiful. Your island is so lovely and to the right is a porcelain sink, right? I would love to see a closer look at that. Your kitchen is so spacious and welcoming. Deb =^..^=x5

  4. What a great tablecloth! Each week I think it's the best and then the next week it's the best and then the next.. I love the veggies.. very inviting.

  5. This is so fun!
    I love this table
    I plan to mention it with a link to here on my blog tomorrow
    Hope that's okay and that you can come check it out

  6. What a wonderful table to share today! Your kitchen is wow! I love it!

  7. I love when you bring the outdoors in. I can't wait to see your Halloween tables.

  8. So wonderfully colorful, and I just love the rooster napkin rings!!!!!!

  9. So inviting! I love the tablecloth and your photography is wonderful. Makes me want to sink my teeth into all those wonderful vegetables!

  10. Wonderful. I love the island in the background! I love the tablecloth. I love the silverware! And, great idea to fill the large bowl with autumn's bounty. It all looks so pretty.

  11. love the bounty of the tablesetting! Especially love the rooster napkin rings!
    Always beautiful!

  12. Gracious! Sakes alive...wringing hands here what to do...your kitchen is such a happy alive place! I want to smell that sauce, can you enable that?

  13. Oh WOW Cathy! I love that cloth!! I have to admit I wasn't a big fan of Fiestaware....too plain for me....but, your tables.....I want a few sets just to mix up..LOL. Tha Antique Mall has a booth filled with the 'new' colors...maybe..........

  14. I always have to 'blog over when I see your post on my dashboard blogs I follow,and you always have the most creative tablescapes,I assume you begin with the table clothe and spin off from there,your creations are FANTASTIC.

  15. Hi Candy!

    Yes, it's very amusing that we both had thoughts of the farm this week. That veggie cloth is perfect for TLRT, and I love seeing the bounty from your garden. The centerpiece is particularly excellent!

  16. I LOVE this tablecloth and having been waiting on pins and needles for your tablescape using it and I am IN LOVE!!! This is one of my very favorite tablescapes of all time. I love the fresh colors and the combination of colors. Your bountiful bowl is gorgeous, too!
    You never disappoint...I wish I had half your talent!!

  17. The clear colors of your Fiesta Ware and your vintage tablecloths are always a recipe for a wonderful tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  18. An absolutely perfect decoration ,love to walk to your blog.Jeannette

  19. Thanks for coming by the farm everyone! I do sooo love fresh from the garden produce! Nothing like a tomato still warm from the sun. Yummm.

    Deb - yes it is a porcelain farm sink, hand made in England. It drove my builder nuts! Because it is hand made, it isn't exactly square, so it was a bit more difficult to install than your average sink. :-) I've added an image of the sink for you to this post. (The little bottle of stuff is a special concoction that attaches to the disposal. We have a septic system and this helps to mitigate the effects of using a disposal with w septic system.)

    Melody - Fiesta is infectious!

    Thanks again for all your lovely comments!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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