Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween 2009 Redux Part 1

I'm bringing back one of my 2009 Halloween tablescapes for 

This was a favorite of mine from last Halloween season, but it turned out to be
a real fire hazard and as soon as I was through taking pictures I removed all the
faux spider webs. Another casualty of this tablescape was the poor crow's plastic
feet ..... the heat from the candle melted his little tootsies! Poor bird.
Tablescaping can be a dangerous business.

It's a spooky Halloween table where the spiders have been busy weaving their webs.
Post 86 Fiesta in Black, White and Persimmon.  Cityscape flatware, silver chargers
are from Tuesday Morning, glassware from Home Goods.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come back for my 2010 Halloween tablescapes.


  1. Cute table! I love the Fiesta pumpkin pieces!

  2. What a story - you could have had a real Halloween fright! Nonetheless, it's a beautiful, magical setting and must have given everyone a lot of pleasure!

  3. Really cute - especially love the S&P shakers!

  4. Miss Candy, I'm sitting here just in awe of your great setting, it's frightfully awesome!

    I should not be reading blogs, but I am and I'm having fun! Should be packing or doing something like that!


  5. Magical setting! You must spend hours creating thest amazing settings. I'm certainly glad to hear you didn't have a frightful ending. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  6. What a fun tablesetting -I would love to attend a dinner at your home with all the beautiful settings

  7. Oh the thinks we do for our tables! I love revisiting last year's settings.

  8. Just popped over from the Tablescaper to admire your Halloween tablescape which is fab!
    Sorry to hear about the damage though.

  9. Such a wonderful table! Can't wait to see what you do this year.

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. This is awesome. I love the cauldron in the background, clever lady.
    It must have been a very careful process to light those candles and then to put them out without going up in flames.

  11. Hi Candy...

    What an awesome table! It's just loaded with fun and festive...halloween spookiness! Hehe! I love that big lantern and the little gauzy skeletons. I suppose you do have to be careful when using that faux webbing and candles on the same table...eeeks! Great table, my friend! Thanks for sharing it with us for Sunday Favorites!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  12. This is a precious glad you brought it back. I think I missed it last time.

    Susan will have a "I made a boo-boo" (not sure what she calls it) tablescape soon so be sure to enter....:))

  13. This year's Halloween tables are already in the works .... although I do hope to avoid the fire hazard this year! Lesson learned, it actually gave me nightmares. LOL



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