Saturday, October 16, 2010

Haunted House 2009 - Soon To Be Refurbed

I'm joining the party over at Happy To Design for another edition of Sunday Favorites!

This is a post from the Halloween season 2009.
I'll be pulling this little gem out again this year, refurbishing it's decor
and taking new images for 2010.  In the meantime I thought you might enjoy
revisiting this little haunted house!

Here's the before of my 2008 gingerbread house.  I've built these for years and will be giving all the details in early December.  I made a departure from my normal way of building this past year by using fondant in place of the classic frosting.  Any amount of humidity causes the frosting to age and absorb coloring from the different candies used to decorate the house, so this was an experiment that turned out to be quite successful.  The house and its lawn basically turned to concrete.  I pulled off most of the decorations and stored it away, thinking it could be refurbished for Christmas 2009.

Last week I had a brainstorm while purusing the over abundance of Halloween goodies already on the sale table. So a repurpose for the gingerbread house has come before it could be refurbished. I wonder whether I can paint it again and go back to a Christmas theme ???

The interim stage for "the house."

And then came a 15 minute makeover with a 1" throw away brush dipped in food coloring gel and a little water.  A quick brush over with the black food coloring, transforming the ice skating pond into the Pool of Blood, and additional blood decorating the walls, roof and walks. Add the knick-knacks from the craft store, some pumpkin candy and it's the scariest gingerbread house on the block!

The Pool of Blood seeping from Witchie's private cemetary. CSI needs to come in and investigate some of those blood drops leading from Witchie's house.

This is Witchie and she is 61 years old and every bone in her body is evil .....

The back of Witchie's house with her pumpkin patch.

The story behind the little witch will be told along with the gingerbread post in December, she's been with me for 60+ years.

Thanks for stopping by to revisit the post from last year, stay tuned for the refurb for 2010!


  1. Hi Candy...

    Ohh my did a fabulous job turning your little Christmas cottage into a spook house! I loved looking at all of the little details...awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this little goodie with us for Sunday Favorites this week! It's a great idea...I would have never thought to use a gingerbread house to make a witches cottage! Heheh!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Candy, this is the best haunted house I've seen. What a clever idea for a gingerbread structure. I've never seen one done as a haunted house. The pool of blood - straight out of a TV drama these days. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  3. Candy, Your Halloween House is incredible! So much detail and work you've put into it. Simply amazing. Thanks so much. ~Susie

  4. Wow, what a transformation! Great job! Good luck painting it again for Christmas, let us know how it turns out if you do it again!


  5. I love your blog. I am a lover of Homer Laughlin china as well. I don't collect Fiesta but I love all the different colors and dishes that you have. I have several sets HL china in other patterns that I dearly love
    Loved your refurb of the GB house. Such a clever idea. It turned out great. Can't wait to see what you do with it next. Where or where did you get the fence?
    I am a new blogger. Just started this month. I would appreciate your taking a look at my blog. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

  6. One word, Candy....AWESOME!!!You truly have a God Given talent and we are blessd to have you share it with us!!

  7. Candy,
    What a talented transformation! You are quite the artist. Wow.

  8. Querida lindo muito lindo o seu blog! Gosto da sua criatividade .estou seguindo você par não perder nada. Deus te abençoe rica e abundantemente. Beijinho no coração

  9. Wow! You are one talented lady! That house went from lovely to very scary, very quickly. That witch does look terribly evil, what ever became of her? Is she lurking somewhere in the back of some closet, or have you brought her out for this Halloween, already?

  10. Thank you all for stopping by to see this little spooky house! I started sprucing it up a bit this afternoon ..... a bloody sight to see! The pool of blood has been restocked and the roof is literally dripping in blood this year!

    The little fence came from Michael's last season and the little witch will be back in residence once the refurbishing project is done.

    Cindy, the witch appears here on TLRT at least twice a year. Christmas with Hansel Gretel and Halloween with her haunted house.

    Christmas -

    Stop in next week for another look at Ms Witch's House,

  11. I love your creativity and enthusiasim for EVERYTHING! Thanks for your delighful blog!

  12. Thanks Janet! Stop by next week to see Ms Witch's house redecorated for this Halloween.



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