Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Vintage Tablecloth Fairy

I'm joining Cindy over at My Romantic Home for her Show and Tell Friday

One of the Tablecloth Fairies from a forum devoted to Homer Laughlin China
has been working overtime lately delivering real treasures to collectors of dishes and
tablecloths.  She must have built in radar that reveals the locations of vintage tablecloths as she cruises through those mountain passes and valleys!  Thank you Tablecloth Fairy!
This was one of three cloths at the top of my Wish List!  Here's hoping all my readers will benefit from their own encounter with a Tablecloth Fairy.

Victory K and B Applique in the Red colorway!
I picked up the mail around 1:30pm, so this is one of the fastest tablescapes I've ever done!
The flatware and the green depression glass are vintage, all the other things on this table
are contemporary and the roses and dahlias are from my garden.

Thanks for coming by to see this very special gift from my own Tablecloth Fairy.
And another big hug for Tablecloth Fairy!


  1. So colorful and lovely...the tablecloth is fabulous and the boots are so unique!

  2. That is one of my favorite tablecloths you have shown. The overall color and pattern is very appealing. The dishes highlight it really well. The green just pops. Very nice.

  3. Love this tablecloth. it's so vibrant! Great find. I love the dishes.

  4. I just love your kitchen, your table, your dishes and your tablecloth! So bright and cheerful and beautiful!

  5. I've wondered how long it takes to get any of your beautiful tables set up. This cloth is the perfect inspiration. Is the 70th Anniversary plate a pizza pan? I haven't been able to comment but I visit you everyday! Thanks for sharing as always.

  6. Three cheers for the tablecloth fairy!

  7. super happy and fun setting! pretty! thanks for sharing. have a great weekend!

  8. What a delightful table! Your tablescapes always are though. This one just sings Happy Day! That tablecloth is wonderful! I featured a photo from your blog for my Favorite Things this weekend. I hope that's okay. If not, please let me know, and I will remove it. Thank you for the inspiration. laurie

  9. Thanks for stopping by to see my new pretty!
    I'm over the moon for it, this is one I've looked for over many years. And to receive it as a gift .... dish/tablecloth friends are just the best!

    Hi Monica!
    It actually doesn't take long at all to put a tablescape together. Just think of it as "setting the table." It really is that simple. A tablecloth, some plates, glassware, flatware and napkins....paper or otherwise!

    From there you can spiff it up as much or as little as you want to .... time it takes, probably 30 minutes. The rest of the effort is cleaning all the "stuff" off the counters and making sure the garden clippers and last night's popcorn bowl or empty Pepsi cans don't appear in the images!! I take about 70-100 images for each tablescape, so probably an hour to process those.

    Total investment in time for Blog purposes is probably 90 minutes .... unless the cat throws up on the floor, the phone rings or some other real life crisis interrupts my important "blogging time" ! LOL

    There have been some faux pas over time ... a magazine cover with TWO Pepsi cans on the counter in the background (I think it was Spring 2008 issue of The Dish magazine), candles that have blown out with the wind from open doors (those can be photo shopped back in!), last Halloween's spider web tablescape that nearly caught on FIRE! Oh, the tales these tablescapes could tell!

    There are "mistakes" posted here on TLRT ... missing napkins, missing spoons .... where did that other spoon go to??? If you look closely, many of my tablescapes are far far from "perfect".

    Hi Laurie - I saw that image this AM and it's fine to use, thanks so much for including me!


  10. Hi. I am visiting from Artie's. This tables cape is so cheerful. I would love sitting down to breakfast at it. I would make me smile all day.

  11. What a delightful table, so colorful!...Christine

  12. Beautiful! I love the cheerful colors and how you combined them with the gorgeous vintage tablecloth. Of course I like the depression glass tumblers too.

  13. Hey Candy, Thanks for linking up with Color Outside the Lines and Vignette Fridays! I absolutely love your tabletops! And you already know that I stop by sometimes just to drool over your kitchen! :) Very best to you, and please - stop back over at Color Outside the Lines, and say hello anytime! :) Artie

  14. Fun, fun, fun! I'm happy the tablecloth fairy sent this your way. I love all the polka dots and flowers on this table. Splendid! ~ Sarah
    Stop by to see how I spent the generous gift you sent to me. ;-)

  15. What a happy table - I can just imagine the good time, the laughter in such a setting.

  16. Oh, the colors with just the right pop of red! Gorgeous!! I love all your vintage table linens but this one has to be a favorite. Spunky and fun the polkadots :)


  17. This colorful table takes my breath away. Who wouldn't want to sit down there and just stay and stay. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Thanks for stopping by to see this beauty!

    Great news ..... I've just aquired this cloth in the Yellow colorway, hoping it arrives in good condition, so look for it soon on TLRT.


  19. Thanks for sharing. I love setting my table. It is my stress reliever.

  20. Ditto for me Monica!

    Thanks for coming by,


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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