Friday, November 26, 2010

Come See My Collections!

Three separate linky parties in one, jump over and check it out!

Where to start?
Well I am a collector and saver of many things.
I thought I would highlight some of my collections with links to prior posts about some of them.

There is a whole database dedicated to the vintage tablecloths I collect:
Click on the link or the image to see my collection.

I also collect Fiesta dinnerware, both vintage and reissue.
Click on the link or the image to see my collection.

I have lots of other collections, many of which have been featured here on The Little Round Table.

Just this week I featured some of my 1939 New York World's Fair collection in a post entitled

Poke around on The Little Round Table and you will surely come across some others!

Christmas 2009

Thanks for stopping by to see some of my collections!

Be sure to check out my TABLECLOTH GIVEAWAY
which ends Monday Nov 29th at midnight Pacific.


  1. Love Fiesta dinnerware! Such beautiful and vibrant colours that make me smile every time. I just can't get over that they're actually vintage. They look so 'today.' Great collections!


  2. I always enjoy seeing your collections. I remember those posts about the Storybook dolls. The amazing thing about your collections is you always have the most interesting stories to go with your collections, I so enjoyed reading the history behind those dolls.

  3. I love Fiesta too! You have so many beautiful and unique pieces. And your tableclothes are just dreamy :)

  4. Thanks for visiting ladies! How's the decorating going???



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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