Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roses are Among My Favorite Things

I'm joining Fresh Cut Friday over at Rose Vignettes,
come on over and show us your posies!

And join A Few of My Favorite Things over at Bargain Hunting.

Roses are pretty high up on my list of favorite things.
Some recent bouquets from my garden.

Thanks for stopping by .... take time each day to stop and smell the roses.


  1. Oh My Goodness! These are all so pretty!!! Your photos are wonderful!! Thank you for joining in. I so appreciate it. Your name is in the pot for the drawing! :)


  2. beautiful. I have that basket vase...and I have never put flowers in it...but I will now!

  3. First of all the boots are soooooo cute, so perfect for right now too. You have some great vases. Second you take wonderful photos. And third these flowers are beautiful, you must have an amazing garden.

  4. Hi Candy,
    what a nice idea to join such a nice party. Your posies are all great. But I love the roses in the crystal basket. This really takes my heart away. Your photo skills are phantastic, too.
    Greetings, Johanna

  5. Candy the pic of the roses in the glass basket is just beautiful! Amazed that you are still getting flowers from your yard!

  6. Oh the roses are so beautiful. I actually have a little glass basket like that one in the photo!! I can't wait to decorate our new home.

  7. What beautiful flowers you gave me this morning. It's like waking up to a bouquet sitting on your kitchen table.

  8. Beautiful photography, I think I can nearly smell the fragrance!

  9. Candy..your roses are breathtakingly beautiful! Roses are among my favorite things too!


  10. I have to agree. Roses seem to come in every size, shape and color and add something really special. I'm partial to the 'smelly' ones.

  11. Candy,
    Your roses are beautiful!

  12. Oh My Gosh! These are breath taking! I cannot believe you grow these in your garden. What a beautiful yard you must have. So glad you linked these beauties to Favorite Things. laurie

  13. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blooms!

  14. Thank you all for stopping by to smell the roses!

    That little glass basket was my mother's. There is a story that goes with it. The original crystal basket was much larger and sat in the middle of the coffee table in our living room.

    My parents had gone out on a Saturday evening, our nanny was in charge. We were playing ball with a big "bouncy" ball in the living room. You probably know where this is going ...... yep big crystal basket was smashed to pieces.

    Man, were we in trouble.



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