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Seasonal Sundays & Sunday Favorites

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Originally posted December 2009
When I was five years old and living in post WWII Germany with my family, I received my first Advent calendar from a family friend.  It was about 18" long x 12" deep x 16" tall and had the traditional windows and doors that opened for each day of December leading up to Christmas.  This house was very special because each opening was filled with sweet treats of ginger cookies and candies.  I have to admit that most of the windows and doors were opened early that year as my sweet tooth and curiosity kicked in! I've had one sort or another of Advent calendar each year since that very first one.  My kids were never as enthralled with them as I am.

The origins of the Advent calendar come from German Lutherans who, at least as early as the beginning of the 19th century, would count down the 24 days of Advent physically. Often this meant simply drawing a chalk line on the door each day, beginning on December 1. Some families had more elaborate means of marking the days, such as lighting a new candle, which may be tied into today's Advent wreath,  or hanging a little religious picture on the wall each day.  Most Advent calendars today are usually geared for children and are usually secular in nature.

A number of years ago I happened into a Crate and Barrel or Pier 1, can't really remember which of the after holiday sales it was.  I picked up this wooden Advent calendar designed to hold small toys or treats and it became a regular part of my holiday decorating.  Each year I raid my miniature Fiesta store and pull dishes out to fill up this treasure chest of mini-dishes.

I always place my favorite little mini in the door for Christmas Eve.  It's a to scale miniature Ivory footed salad bowl with the "Tom and Jerry" written in gold just like its vintage big brother.

The miniatures normally are hanging out in the "La Fiesta" store just being their normal miniature selves.
EDIT 11/28/10 I've added additional information on the miniatures HERE

A "Tom and Jerry" is a holiday drink similar to eggnog. It was very popular back in the day and many potters created sets of mugs with a matching punch bowl for holiday gatherings.

I seem to have strayed a ways from the Advent calendar theme, but like many other holiday traditions I usually manage to work Fiesta into it somehow!  How about a "Tom and Jerry" to sip on as you work your way through that "TO DO" list?

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  1. What a fun advent calendar! Thanks for the Tom and Jerry info, I've been curious about that as I see many punch bowls and cups with the names on them:@)

  2. I enjoyed this post so much - there's something about a special advent calendar that speaks to the child in all of us.

  3. OMG! That Advent calendar with those dainty Fiestaware miniatures is too sweet! I'm squealing with delight looking at that little mini-market they are usually in. Was that issued by the Fiestaware Company as an official piece, with the miniatures inside, or did you come up with that yourself? It was fun to read about the Tom & Jerry drink, I still automatically think of a certain cartoon cat and mouse team when that term comes up.

  4. Very cute post, lots of fun looking at everything!

  5. I always learn something new when I stop by here! Love those little miniatures.

  6. Great post! Love the miniatures,I enjoyed everything!
    Have a blessed night!

  7. Happy seasonal sundays darling....lovely blog !!! lovely Ria....

  8. Hi Candy...

    Ohhh my gosh...I love your advent calendar with all the miniature's fabulous!!! What fun! I certainly can see why the miniature Tom & Jerry bowl is your's sooo cute! I also really enjoyed your little Fiesta Store! I didn't even realize that there were miniature fiestaware pieces...sooo awesome, my friend!!! Thank you so much for sharing this sweet post with us for Sunday Favorites this week...I loved it!!!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. Candy, I had no clue there were miniature Fiesta pieces. They are amazing!!

  10. Wow Fiesta in miniature. I didn't know. I love that advent calendar too. It's great. I seem to amassed a collection of advent calenders. I love that you shared yours..

  11. Hello Candy,
    you are like a fiesta wonderland. Your advent calendars are really cute. As you alreday mentioned they are very common in Germany and you can buy them here ready filled with chocolat treats or for self filling. Any the nicest one are those which are made by mothers theirself. I will post the Advent calendars of my kids in the next days.
    BUT I had no idea that your calender is filled with miniature Fiesta ware. And I really love that and the little store just make me speechless. So cute! Really, a lovely post.
    Greetings, Johanna

  12. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I've posted a lot more images and information about some of my miniatures just now for those of you who inquired about them. :-)

    The Shops

  13. Such adorable minatures. I wish my Advent caldendar was filled with such lovely treasures.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Thanks Tablescaper! Love your every Sunday party, lots of lovely seasonal things being shared.



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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