Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Vegetable Bowl

It was always called "the vegetable bowl", don't know why, but it was.
I liked peas and green beans and corn, but I didn't like Brussel sprouts.

I can still see those little round green bits of nastiness rolling around with
the children in the bottom of this vegetable bowl.  Not marked, but hand
painted and most likely French or German it was purchased for a few dollars
around 1950 while we were living with the occupation forces in Germany after WWII.

I didn't like many of the vegetables served in this bowl, but I always loved the children.

Make sure to eat your vegetables.

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  1. That bowl is just gorgeous. The children are just amazing, what a wonderful family treasure you have!

  2. whisper whisper dare I say that I love brussel sprouts? Foreshadowing of things to come I guess - I've been vegetarian for many years.

    How wonderful your bowl is, I've never seen anything like it. So charming and how fantastic to have it still from your childhood.

    Happy VTT,

  3. On Candy, the children are precious on your wonderful bowl! You do have a treasure! I have missed your blog, I'll be back soon!


  4. What a wonderful family heirloom to cherish--and so darling and precious too!!

  5. I love your bowl! All the pictures are so cute.

  6. That is such a cute bowl and story. You did a great job getting photos of each of the drawings.

  7. It is a beautiful bowl...especially without the brussel sprouts.

  8. What an amazing piece. I can just imagine the artist sitting for hours painting into the curvature of that bowl. How proud they must have been when it was completed. Thanks for sharing ths beautiful bowl and your fascinating memory of a very unique heirloom and time in your family history.

  9. Your bowl is gorgeous..and the memories are priceless. Great photos of the little characters.
    Luckily it didn't always hold brussel sprouts,lol.

  10. What an adorable bowl. And how wonderful that it has been preserved for all these years.


  11. What adorable children in the bowl, I have never seen anything like this!! Happy VTT!

  12. This is the most gorgeous bowl that I have ever see in my life. You are SO lucky to have it, not only for its beauty, but for the memories it evokes when you look at it. Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards,

  13. Postively gorgeous! What a wonderful little hand painted bowl :)


  14. Hi Candy,
    this is a stunning bowl. I have never seen such one before. I gues, this painted a mother for her children which did not loved vegetable. What a cute idea. It is so amazing for me that you lived in Germany in your childhood. We have a big army base near Hanau, but it is completely abandoned. It is still kept immaculate, but nobody is there. This is somehow frightening. Emty houses, empty church, emty playground and school. How many kids have lived there and have memories to that. You saved a bit of your childhood with this bowl. And I hope sometimes your grandkids will enjoy this story as much as the cute bowl.
    Greetings, Johanna

  15. I'm so pleased that you all enjoyed seeing my vegetable bowl! I will admit that I usually use it for fruit salad now that it lives with me. :-)

    Hi Johanna, so nice to see you. I loved your cookie party!

    I read the other day somewhere that where one grows up is with you all your life and has a great deal to do with what you become as an adult. That's very true in my case, since I lived in Germany from the time I was 4 years old until I was 13, I tend to like "old" things and buildings with some character and age.

    We lived in Bad Schwalbach in a hotel for a few months when we arrived in late 1947, then in Frankfurt am Main when it was still a compound for several months. (There's a great story about how my brother and I left the compound and the guards wouldn't let us back in because we had no ID's. The MP's picked us up and took us to jail. I became the youngest dependent to ever receive an AGO card when I was 5 years old.)

    Then we moved to Schwetzingen for 5 years and then into town in Heidelberg for the next couple of years, and then into dependent housing (Patrick Henry Village) for the last year. (There's another great story about how upon revisitng Patrick Henry Village some 30 years later, the MP's caught up with me again. I was taking pictures of the apartment building and the playground and all the places I remembered from the mid-50s. Seems that a resident was worried that my DH and I were terrorists of some kind and called the cops! No trip to jail that time because I showed the MP's the black and white photos I had with me of the same apartment building and me at 13 sitting on the hood of a 1956 Oldsmobile! The MP's liked the car. LOL)

    Then it was back to the states for me and my family ..... I still miss "home."


  16. I love the bowl. It is truley unique. Thank you for sharing it with us. *hugs*

  17. What a precious bow. Love the stories you added of your childhood in Germany in the post above. TFS!

  18. Thanks mo and Lyneen! I'm pleased you enjoyed seeing this lovely bowl!


  19. Truly gorgeous and unique. I've never seen anything like it!

    Thank you for sharing your French Inspiration with us!

    Blessings... Polly
    French Cupboard &
    Counting Your Blessings

  20. Oh, Candy! That is the most adorable little bowl I've ever seen! But I agree, brussel sprouts are nasty! You should tell us some stories of your life in Germany! If you ever tire of that little bowl, I have a little grand daughter who would love it. Really her grandma is the one who would love it! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Thanks ladies, I'm so pleased you enjoyed seeing all these little kids that play among the vegetables. :-)



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