Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Gumdrop Tree

It's time for another Tabletop Tuesday over at A Stroll Through Life, come
join Marty and all the other bloggers showing off their latest creations.

EDIT:  Silly me forgot to post the link to the Solutions website,
where you too can get yourself a gumdrop tree! $19.95 + Free Shipping!
A good source locally for spice drops is Michael's.  They have the large
tubs usually up by the registers.

I can't remember a time when we didn't have a gumdrop tree set out
for the Christmas holiday.  Our first one was plastic and lasted for years, but
eventually the plastic began to break down.  I purchased this one through
a catalog and have really loved having it to continue this family tradition.

The gumdrop tree is taking center stage on this vintage tablecloth set with a
combination of vintage and contemporary Fiesta. The Yellow is vintage, while
Scarlet, Sapphire and Shamrock are contemporary Fiesta colors. While the
tablecloth is not a traditional Christmas themed cloth, I think it works well
with the bright Fiesta colors and the gumdrop tree.  It shouts "Christmas" as
well as any traditional red and green motif.

The flatware is "Masquerade" a licensed Fiesta accessory, red tumblers and napkins from Home Goods, while the snowflake tumblers are from Pfaltzgraff.

Shamrock disc pitcher

Vintage Yellow disc pitcher

Thanks so much for coming by again this week,
I hope to see you again in the coming days for more tablescapes.


  1. Candy, I was wondering when you sleep? Another GORGEOUS table and I love the gumdrop tree. Thanks!!

  2. Hay Candy,
    that's a verry fantastic table.
    I like these colours.
    Thanks, it's a lovely Post!
    Have a nice Christmas week,

  3. This brings back such great memories! I had a gum drop tree growing up..the clear plastic one. I wonder whatever happen to that thing? I'll have to ask my Mom, I'm sure it must have broken eventually too. Yours is adorable! I love it! My poor kids have never seen one of these, I may have to fix that. I love your Mr. and Mrs. Claus too!

  4. Oh how wonderful. I love your tablescape. Your spice drop tree is fabulous, I would just sit and eat the whole thing. One of my favorite candies. Mr. and Mrs. Santa are stunning. Love them. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. I've never heard of the tradition of the gum drop tree.I don't think the candy would last long on the dinner table with all the grandkids around.Are these trees you have now ment for the candy just like thhe plastic ones were? I would have liked my Mom knowing about that tradition back in the 50s. Thanks for the idea.

  6. Just popping in to make sure those of you with a sweet tooth catch the edit I did to this post! I've added the source information for the gumdrop tree:

    Silly me forgot to post the link to the Solutions website, where you too can get yourself a gumdrop tree! $19.95 + Free Shipping!
    A good source locally for spice drops is Michael's. They have the large
    tubs usually up by the registers.

    I'll stop back later to read all your lovely comments!

    Candy ..... who just loves spice drops!

  7. Great colors, lovin' the gumdrop tree! Might look around to see if there's a smaller one:@)

  8. Oh wow...this is by far my favorite table setting! I have all of these colors and can do this....now where to find a wonderfult able cloth like this????? :) I just love the gumdrop tree, I need to get one! :) Sandy

  9. I adore the colors you used. Gumdrops. Makes perfect sense. Just terrific and such holiday fun. Of course everything looks good in your kitchen!

  10. What fun we had with gumdrop trees back in the old days ... & now they are back in fashion!

    You have the most wonderful brilliant table settings I've come across ... so inviting.

    Have a lovely winters eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. I remember my aunt had a gumdrop tree. Great idea!!

  12. Candy, I haven't seen a gumdrop tree since my childhood. Boy, does this take me back to some sweet memories. Thanks for sharing this colorful table full of fun. ~ Sarah

  13. I don't know what I like the most but I'm thinking it's the gumdrop tree. I've never seen one before and I know my grands need one! It's something Grandma needs! I really like the tableware and Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

  14. We used to have one of those gumdrop trees when I was a kid.

    Love your table-- so colorful!!

  15. Hi Candy! Oh, more eye candy - literally!! Your tablecloth is darling and the table is so bright and festive! Love your food - gum drops are always tops in my book! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. This is such a festive and fun tablescape. I love those snowflake glasses with the bright Fiesta dishes. That gumdrop tree looks just like something out of a child's nursery tale, I don't know if I've ever seen one, but now I'm wanting one.

  17. So glad to have brought up some happy memories for those of you who had these in your homes when you were children. My grandchildren just love this tradition, probably more than the big Christmas Tree. I had moved the gumdrop tree from it's normal place on the kitchen island last year and placed it on a side table for the kids with other sweet treats. My 7 year old grandson came in the door and the first thing he said after I got my Christmas kiss and hug was, "Where's the gumdrop tree Grandmas????"


  18. WOW! Beautiful eye candy....literally! I must say that flatware is DARLING! Oh heck, I see Sheila just commented the same. Well it is true, she ought to know with all the fabulousness she creates also. Thanks for sharing with us!

  19. Super 'scape, Candy! I do love how you always find colors other than red and green for the holidays. And now I miss the gumdrop tree we had as kids!

  20. Hello Candy,
    I had never heard before from a gumdrup tree but I am sure I had loved it as child. Nice tablescape and the flatware is just the right one for Fiestaware.
    Greetings, Johanna

  21. Oh what a happy table! I collected vintage Fiesta for many years, eventually selling my entire set when I got an offer I couldn't refuse. This brings back such memories of all those wonderful color combinations. I just saw that flatware somewhere and had to fight myself not to buy it. It will go with everything! I love this!

  22. I just love the primary colors in a holiday tablescape, and the cloth is a real beauty! You continue to outdo yourself, Candy!

  23. Very cute! You have quite a decorating flair for the unusual and whimiscal and I love it!

    Christmas blessings,

  24. Good Morning ladies!

    Elaine I thought about you the whole time I was putting this one together! I knew you were waiting to see what I did with it. I'm loving it for a holiday 'scape .... perfect colors!

    I am not stressing. I am not stressing. I am not stressing. Yeah right!

    Hope all of your holiday prep is going well!



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