Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Deer Kitchen

I bet you thought I didn't know how to spell "dear" .....

I'm joining the Open House over at Coastal Charm today with
"My Deer Kitchen"

Juniper, Paprika and Ivory Fiesta top this tablecloth depicting fanciful deer
in a forest of palm trees.  Flatware, napkins and napkin rings are from Home
Goods.  Acrylic chargers I've had for years and years.  The bell tree came from
Target several years ago. The green glassware is vintage and the goblets came
from Pier 1 a couple of years ago.

You can see more of my recent holiday tablescapes
by clicking on the thumbnails below.

The decorating continues as the holiday approaches,
here's my 2010 Christmas Tree.  You can read more about
the tree at the following links:

Thanks so much for coming by to see my kitchen and how the decorating is progressing!  Stop by all month for more holiday posts and tablescapes.


  1. I love the deer everywhere. The tablecloth is fantastic, I've never seen that. And the bell tree is a total charmer!

  2. Such a beautiful DEER kitchen!!!! Love that cute bell tree and your flatware. Thanks so much for coming to my OPEN HOUSE...hope you are having a fun time here!


  3. Love the tree in the middle of the table. I am so amazed all the the beautiful tables you create.

  4. Love the tablecloth and everything is just beautiful! Have a blessed rest of the week!

  5. Hello Candy,
    again a lovely table with Fiestaware. It is amazing how many nice colors you have and you combine them so neatly. Love the black charger with the warm red. The additions of the gorgeous napkins with the black flatware is wonderful. And the little jingle tree is amazing. Have never seen such one before. All the details are nice as usual. Love the fancywork dears and everything. And your Christmas tree is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Looks so frosty and sophisticated, as if it is from a fairy tale The Snow Queen.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Love your tablecloth and really neat to use the different colors for the holiday, I love it:@)

  7. Thanks for having us over, Candy! I love both the deer and the dots! The deer are PERFECT with paprika, and the dots pop with sapphire!

  8. Love both tablescapes, of course! Candy, you've done posts about storage ideas for dishes. I'd love to see where you store all your Christmas decorations.

  9. Fantastic table.
    Can I come over to sit??
    I love all of the colors. Love the bell tree.
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy Holidays

  10. Hello Candy,

    I finally caught up on your posts that I missed while I was away. Your tree looks fabulous and I love your Deer Kitchen. I absolutely loved the Dots tablescape!

    ~ Tracy

  11. I followed the link from Coastal Charm.

    Love the color combination. It's fantastic! Very pretty table.

  12. Hi Candy,
    I feel like I have just been whisked back to my childhood! Your kitchen decor is fabulous and I am just flabbergasted that I have never come upon your blog before! I am your newest follower and you'll be seeing lots of me. I just LOVE your decorating style and this has been such a treat! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

    Christmas blessings,

  13. Thank you all! And welcome to both new readers and the old timers. :-)

    I like this tablescape because it is a little different slant on the typical "read and green" Christmas colors. Just a little twist to give it a whole new look.

    Deb - I store all my decorations in plastic tubs in the top of my master bedroom closet. I had it designed with 10' ceilings and shelves to hold the tubs. It gets too hot here in the summer to store them in the garage. The tree lives in the garage in its storage bag suspended from the 12' ceiling by pulleys. It really is working well for me. The other seasonal accessories also live in my closet in tubs and as the seasons change, I just rotate them in and out. Fall and Christmas kind of run into each other as the tubs are rotated and for awhile it is kind of like Tub Town around here!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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