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Coast-to-Coast: Two Fish, Four Fish, New Fish, More Fish

Two Fish, Four Fish, New Fish, More Fish

Two tablescapes from the Atlantic Coast and two tablescapes from the Pacific Coast.  These tablescapes are the result of a collaboration among four far flung friends loosely known as the Dish Divas or Tablecloth Fairies, who often bestow unexpected gifts upon their fellow collectors and share a mutual love for Homer Laughlin dinnerware and both contemporary and vintage table linens.

The four fairies bringing you Coast-to-Coast: Two Fish, Four Fish, New Fish, More Fish today are Fairy Daphne from Tabletop Time in the Boston area and Fairy Elaine from lovely Virginia, along with their west coast counterparts Fairy Rebecca from the Pacific Northwest and Fairy Candy @ The Little Round Table from the fringes of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here's Rebecca's Fish-Scape first, followed by mine.
You can find Daphne and Elaine playing with Fish over on
Tabletop Time today too!

Fish From The Pacific Northwest

I was first introduced to the fish tablecloth by our fellow tablescape Diva Daphne from Tabletop Time during the 2009 HLCCA Conference in Pittsburgh.

For our quad scape today, I'm using the rose/gray colorway, complemented by Vintage Fiesta Forest luncheons and Chartreuse deep plates, a Chartreuse Harlequin teapot and Forest demitasse cup and saucer, Oneida Community Plate Deauville flatware and Rose Noritake goblets. This sea scape is accessorized with Oregon sand dollars and starfish, as well as green seaglass found in Washington and Florida.
Happy Day!

Thanks so much for joining our tablescaping extravaganza Rebecca!

The Little Round Table fell for this tablescaping challenge
"Hook, Line and Sinker"

I'm using the turquoise and red colorway for today's tablescape.
You can check out other colorways that have appeared here on TLRT too:

Turquoise in all kinds of ways can be found in this tablescape:
Turquoise fish on the cloth, contemporary Fiesta dinner plates in turquoise,
vintage Homer Laughlin 'Carnival' turquoise salad plates, vintage Fiesta fruit bowls.  The vintage Fiesta Figure 8 Tray usually found in vintage Cobalt is unusual in Turquoise and normally holds the individual cream and sugar.  Here it is holding the ring handled creamer again in turquoise and a yellow vintage marmalade jar. The spiral turquoise candle holders are vintage Metlox.

Chicken of the Sea tuna bakers in yellow and turquoise.
The little matching salt and pepper shakers from Chicken of the Sea saw
the water and jumped right in!  Some of the ephemera from my collection with details on these premiums offered for purchasing canned tuna.


Other details:
Red checked "Diner" luncheon plates from Homer Laughlin
Hobnail glassware, footed glass cake stand and napkins from Home Goods
Footed glassware from Pier 1
Flatware is by Cambridge
Bamboo fishing poles cut fresh from my garden. :-)

We're joining
Today's Letter is "O" - O is for "Ocean to Ocean"

Thanks so much for coming by for another Coast-to-Coast tablescaping
challenge.  We'll be doing another 4-way tablescaping challenge for
Valentine's Day, so stop back for that!


  1. Candy and Rebecca,

    I'm squealing with delight over your fish masterpieces! You both have so many unique touches...I'll be revisiting these for days to come. Thanks for another wonderful quadscape!

  2. I love the little fish labels! How special are those? And your fish bowl! Wow! These tables are most awesome! Thank you so much for this undersea adventure!

  3. wow, I have never seen anything like those tuna bakers!

  4. It amazes me how much you put into your tablescapes.

  5. Amazing, as always...

    I am an ocean junkie, it must be time to plan another trip to Oregon, I just can't stop looking at these beautiful settings...

  6. I love all the shells on the table!

  7. Lovely, I'm your newest follower.

  8. WOW!!
    Loving both fantastic tablescapes!!


  9. I love those tuna thingies and the ads.

  10. Oh, what a fun idea! Love seeing all the fishy details. The tuna premiums are wonderful. I'm always amazed at the completeness of your collection. It's truly an eduction to visit The Little Round Table.

  11. Very cute!


  12. Great post. Each is a work of art. Thanks for sharing all these unique pieces and loved the ads. Hugs, Ginger

  13. Oh such color! They are each so vibrant and full of life!

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Your tablescapes are awesome as always, but that second one is really incredible, the centerpiece is amazing!

  15. Hooray for the Pacific Fisherwomen! Totally fabu!! This was an awesome foursome. Kudos to you all!

  16. Love it! Everything goes so well together. And those newspaper clippigs--too cool!

  17. What fun! I love it thanks for sharing.

  18. Beautiful table settings and old vintage signs make for a lovely sight.

  19. Well if this wasn't delightful enough -- your centerpiece is genius! Love the colors too.

  20. I adore your tuna baker! Just when u think u have seen everything! I love your vintage tablecloths too!

  21. I have to say that your centerpiece is one of the most imaginative and creative I have ever seen! Loved both tables, such creativity!!!! Kudos to you!!!!! XO, Pinky

  22. Not only are you blog posts beautiful, they are so informative. I have seen several things at garage sales that I identified because of your posts and I really appreciate that fact!

    I've seen those fish ramekins before but never knew what they were!

    Thanks for another outstanding link to Alphabe-Thursday!

    You are outrageously creative.


  23. Wow. what a fishy post! I love it!! Isn't fun when one of you vintage finds have a paper trail to follow. Those old magazine ads are wonderful.

  24. The sand dollars look so elegant! They are my favorite part.

  25. You always have the best ideas! But you really knocked this one out of the park!

  26. How fun!! Love the fish motif and those vintage tablecloths!!

  27. Oh how fun! I think it's great that you do a coast to coast tablescapping collaboration with others. It's fun to see how you guys interpret the theme in different ways and with different colors :)

    I love that tuna baker you have! Makes me want to go and get one for my kitchen too :)

  28. Oh my gosh - I love red and turquoise! The fish compote? Amazing! Always a treat to visit here. :) Nancy

  29. what beauty! You always have a wealth of information!! I always enjoy your blog. Happy VTT!

  30. Love your table setting! How fun to have the fishing lines holding the place cards! Those tuna bakers are awesome.

  31. What fun! And I just love the combination of the turqouse and red!

  32. I just love everything. How creative. Love the tablecloth. I wish I had those tuna bakers, so cute, and love the add for them. The little fishing poles are such a great addition. There is nothing I don't like. I am signing up to follow you for the incredible inspiration.Have a great weekend.
    Careyann from Pretty Little Houses

  33. How very, very cool your fishy tabletop is! I have never seen those tuna bakers before. LOVE them! Love your centerpiece, too.

  34. I always love looking at your tablescapes! You come up with so many fun creative things. I am LOVING the name cards on the "fishing poles."

  35. I love your "tag team" posts Candy! Your friend's pink is great, and your table is cute! I'm lovin' the tuna bakers, they are so cool:@)

  36. What fun cool vibrant tables! Those little tuna bakers are the cutest thing I have ever seen, so unique.

  37. The tables are wonderful and I love those Chicken of the Sea tuna bakers. What fun!!

    Susan and Bentley

  38. Gorgeous! I love the turquoise - it is absolutely beautiful and those little fish bakers are darling! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  39. I just found your blog, and omgoodness!!!! Your tablescaping is BEAUTIFULLY GORGEOUS and fun!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and so glad I found it, now I am your newest follower!!! I've got ALOT of reading to do to see all your beautiful tables!!!! Happy Saturday!!

  40. Terrific details, wonderful colors. So much to look at!!

  41. Candy, what a fun idea to join with others for a coast-to-coast fish-themed tablescape, and how cute these two are! I LOVE the fishing pole place cards - that is just genius! I'm not familiar with the tuna bakers - those are so cute, and what great advertising memorabilia! I really like the swirl candle holders too. Thank you for linking all of this fun to Favorite Things. laurie

  42. What fun! I hope we get to see more coast to coast scapes. Love the bakers and the ads.

  43. Thanks to all of your for coming to visit the fishy tablescapes that Rebecca and I put together here on the West Coast. Look for another Coast to Coast post for Valentine's Day too. :-)

    I'm so glad you all enjoyed our collaborative efforts!



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