Monday, January 3, 2011

That Striped Mirror

I get so many inquiries about my striped mirror, so here's a little history
and some additional images especially for bj, who recently showed it on
her blog Sweet Nothings with her post A few more favorites

I've had it for about 20 years and purchased it from either Horchow or Ballard,
I truly do not remember which.  It is rustic and would be simple enough to construct from stock wood you could purchase at any lumber yard or even Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.

It is a simple rectangular beveled mirror with a large wooden frame surrounding it.  Some stacked molding and simple boards would do it. The curlicue piece on top is wrought iron, with a stock wooden finial.  Then get out your paints and some tape and you are good to go in recreating this same look.

This image certainly doesn't need TWO watermarks .... just call me sloppy!

Hope this helps you bj and everyone else who has asked about this mirror!

If you are NOT handy with tools, just get Miss Mustard Seed or Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors,  to build you one! LOL

Mr. TLRT could throw this together in a couple hours and I'd gladly do the painting part, but I'd do a different size/shape and colors for the bathroom I think.

If you need measurements for proportion or whatever, just leave a comment
and I'll get out my handy-dandy tape measure.

This mirror has been in our last 3 houses, here it is in a prior life.


  1. so unique...I've tagged it for future reference! Thanks!

  2. Well, sweetheart...I thank you from the bottom of my heart 'cause I aim to have one of these. Just too pretty.
    Mr. Sweet can build absolutely anything and I know he can build this for my mirror. I am so excited, I am about to have a hissy fit.'
    Thanks so so much for your time in photographing this so well for me and anyone else that is dying to have one.
    Of course, I don't have the beautiful table and long beautiful bench that you have beneath your mirror..but I think this would be pretty over a mantel, as well.
    Thanks again for your beautiful photos...
    xoo bj

    "OOOOOOO, Mr. Sweeeeet......where r u ???

  3. I've added an image of the mirror in one of its previous incarnations for you. :-) This was the last house, the one before it was hung over a green side table that appears in many of my tablescapes.


  4. Hello Candy,
    not only the mirror is pretty, your complete home looks so charming and nice. Love the mirror on the opposite side, too. Looks very Italian.
    Greetings, Johanna

  5. Love your mirror, Candy and Happy New Year.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Good Morning !

    Thanks for stopping by to check out this mirror, BJ I do hope you'll post images of your finished project!


  7. Ah HA! Just as I suspected. It DOES look magnificent over a mantel. I'll bet I am safe in saying that it would look wonderful wherever it is hung. ESPECIALLY in your beautiful home with all your beautiful things.
    It may take awhile before I get it...Mr. Sweet has quite a few brand orders to make but he promised to make the frame ...and he's never broken a promise to me yet. :))
    Are the colors in YOUR frame a very pale ivory and deep, old world gold?
    Thanks so much for going to all this extra trouble. I do appreciate it very much.
    xoxoxoxoxo bj

  8. Here's my guess on how it was painted. It is not a "fine" finish, rather a rustic look with a bit of time worn chippiness to it.

    I think it was painted green all over (all of this prior to the mirror being installed in the frame), lightly sanded, then painted with a couple of coats of ivory with some lighter/heavier sanding between coats. You can see a bit of green chippy places on some ivory stripes. Then taped and the gold stripes added. The gold paint color does look "antique", more the function of glazing than original color IMHO. My guess is it was again sanded for the time worn look. Then it was glazed very lightly and wiped down quickly. The overall effect is not that it is "glazed", instead the glaze just highlights the "worn" areas. In a few places it almost looks like a crackle finish, so that may have been done only in strategic spots to enhance the look.

    It's the kind of project where you can't really go wrong. Just add another layer of paint until you get the look you want. If you need to have it be a specific blend of colors, I'd do a test board to see how your colors look after sanding, layering and glazing.


  9. oops, hope you got my last comment..i didn't notice if it published or not....

  10. oops...I didn't look up far enuf..DUH !

    ok, thanks so much for the info. I am pretty sure I can do it..altho there is not a SIGN of a crafty bone in my olden body. As you say, not too much to go wrong with. I think it would be adorable in a black and ivory color, too but I am too scared to try it.
    Thanks again, Candy

  11. I've always loved this mirror but never thought to say! Your home is just so neat! I love it too!

  12. Thanks Mary!

    bj - Please remember to take lots of pictures when you do get to this project! I agree black and white would be very beautiful!


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Thank you for your lovely comments.

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