Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just 10

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Some of them come and go very quickly and others stick around for the long haul.  Here are a few of my favorites, the goal was to choose only 10 that would go with me to a desert island. 

Must have a couple of whisks and a "church key."
Must have my favorite measuring spoons.
Must have my favorite slotted combo spoon/spatula.
Must have my kitchen timer.
Must have an egg slicer.

And The Top 3 must have kitchen gadgets from my kitchen:

The Gilhoolie
"Your mighty muscle in the home"
This little gadget has been in my kitchen drawer since 1963
The Gilhoolie is a kitchen gadget that opens jars and bottles. It was invented by Dr. C. W. Fuller, a retired dentist from Yonkers, New York. The Gilhoolie debuted in 1953. Mechanix Illustrated, This Month's Prize Gadget: Gilhoolie Jar Opener, 1953, 81
Hausmeister Combination Tool
This one has also been around since the early days of my marriage.

Brevettato Garlic Press

Another old timer that has staying power.  Other presses have come and gone, but this one works!

And an added favorite that's not really a gadget, but qualifies
as something I wouldn't want to do without after having one in
my last two kitchens.
The faucet above my range ...... I adore it!

Can't wait to see everyone's gadgets!
Thanks for stopping by!
I'm joining My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets Party at Happier Than A Pig In Mud


  1. Hi Candy! I know I need a Hausmeister!!! One gadget that can do so much and it's fun to see the vintage advertisements. Your measuring spoons look beautiful and lovin' the cute Fiesta timer:@)
    Thanks for joining the party-Happy Valentine's Day:@)

  2. Oh, Candy...even your kitchen gadgets are beautiful. Girl, you continue to just blow my sox off with all your cuteness.
    Fun party, hu?
    hugs, bj

  3. Candy...I would LOVE to have one of those great faucets above my range....too fancy for my simple farm kitchen. Such interesting gadgets and my favorite is the fiesta timer -- great piece :)


  4. Candy, I think all of your gadgets would come in very handy on that desert island, especially the Hausmeister! :) When I was doing my post I was thinking of what I would grab if I had to run! I always love whisks, too. Linda

  5. OK- I have to ask. The wire wisk type thing between the grater and the churchkey. How does one use it, or on what? I bet I have one.
    Love the name of the Gilhoolie.

  6. I love your list; I must suggest that I use my nutcracker as a bottle opener sometimes. The little ridges fit around the lid (on some bottles) and it allows for a good grip. My new favorite kitchen gadget (really more a staple than a gadget) are my silicone measuring cups that collapse and stack so neatly in the drawer. A real space-saver for the space-challenged! Annie

  7. Candy, what great gadgets! I need the jar opener! I am always struggling with that and trying to find someone strong enough. Have a great Valentines Day.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by to see some of my kitchen gadgets! A very fun and cute party, made me think about what I would choose if only a few could come with me to that island.

    dogsmom - I think you must be talking about the whisk that is open and round? It is a wonderful whisk! It has a flat bottom and is wonderful for sauces and such because it really lays flat against the bottom of the sauce pan.

    Happy Gadget/Valentine's Day,

  9. Great gadgets! Love the Fiesta ware timer!

  10. I love your gadgets and wish I had known about the party! I, too, have a jar opener and couldn't live without it now! Mine is more modern but works!!! Yours kinda looks like a torture device:):):) XO, Pinky

  11. Thanks Carol and Pinky, gadgets are just plain fun! Pinky, the party is still open, jump over and join in.



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