Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl

I'm joining The Nester for a conversation about trenchers,
otherwise known as dough bowls or at our house as the "Super Bowl."

Like The Nester I had always admired these large hand hewn wooden
bowls made from a single log. I finally acquired one about 15 years ago at
the San Francisco Home and Garden Show.  One of those lucky deals on the
last day of the show, when vendors would rather make deals than load and
carry things away from the show.

Over the years my trencher, made in Hungary over 100 years ago, has
mainly been a decorative item, often difficult to place because of its size.
Sometimes it just stands guard on a corner cabinet.

Right now it is sitting on the butcher block waiting for some Spring inspiration
to strike.  Before it becomes something "Springy" though, it will again serve
as a great "Super Bowl"  ....... perfect for several kinds of chips piled high
and a large bowl of dip nestled in the center.

One of the reasons I chose this particular trencher was for the beautiful character of the wood and the repair at one end where the wood had split
long ago.  Some loving husband repaired his wife's favorite dough bowl
and here it is years later still perfectly functional.

Thanks for stopping by, what has your dear one repaired for you lately?


  1. Oh, it's beautiful! I linked mine up to. Stop over to have a look!

  2. That is a gorgeous bowl! I, too, love the character of the repair.

  3. We have lots of spatulas and a colander with new handles. And lots of things that need repair too! Love this bowl, just beautiful.

  4. That is a beautiful bowl, Candy. I have always admired it and am happy to hear how you came by it. And I just love things with character.

    The Guy repairs things for me, too. The last thing was a vintage art deco lamp that needed rewiring for safety issues. Given that most of the lighting in our home is vintage art deco lamps and that they normally come with dry-rotted cords, I'd say those are probably the things on which he has done the most repairs for me.


  5. Thanks ladies..... need to get some chips and plan some dips to fill this big guy up for the upcoming game!


  6. Candy I love your "SuperBowl". I have always wanted one for my dinning room table, to fill with all kinds of ornies. But they were always out of my price range. It is handsome indeed!~Ames

  7. Thanks Ames! Keep looking for one, these kinds of things go in and out of fashion ..... there is one out there with your name on it! :-)


  8. Love the bowl! Love the story you read into the repair. I would have an advantage if this were my wife's favourite bowl as I make them myself! You can see some of mine at my blog and see some stories on where I get the wood and how they're made.

  9. How lucky to have a built in woodworker in the house! Thanks for stopping by,


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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