Monday, March 21, 2011

Fish Are Jumping

Summertime and the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin', and the cotton is high
Your Daddy's rich and your Mama is good lookin'
So, hush, little baby don't you cry

It may NOT be summertime yet, but the fish are jumpin' here on The Little Round Table and over at Tabletop Time with my friend Daphne who has Gone Fishin' We're both featuring Chicken of the Sea premium items on our tables today, so be sure to jump on over to check out her table too.

We've played with fish on our tabletops before with other dishing friends:

The fish plates came in a matte ivory glaze as shown here
and some rare examples with colored glazes that Daphne is featuring.

The tablecloth is vintage and the place settings also include vintage as well as Post86 Fiesta.
More details at the end of this post.

Tablecloth is vintage
Chargers from
Post86 Fiesta in Turquoise and Lemongrass
Vintage Turquoise Fiesta side bowls
Glassware from Pier 1
Flatware and napkins from Home Goods
Napkin rings are Italian pottery
Candle holders are vintage Metlox "Spiral"
Juice set in "Jubilee" colors is vintage Fiesta
Shakers are vintage Homer Laughlin Rhythm
Tuna bakers are also Chicken of the Sea premium pieces
Shell muffin plate is a non-production Homer Laughlin vintage item

Thanks so much for coming by again to check out my tablescape!


  1. Thanks for going fishin' with me, Candy! Your catch looks so lovely with the embossed chargers and the turquoise, lemongrass and coral. I especially love your's like a little treasure hunt for fish and shells!

  2. Oh, Candy, I LOVE!!! You have the most awesome tablecloths and Fiesta, Homer Laughlin and vintage dishes. I can just sit and study your tables for hours and soak it all in!!
    Thanks for making my love of all dishes and tablescaping so much more fun!!

  3. You always have the most wonderful tables! I love the colors, the tablecloth and those great fish dishes!

  4. Hi Candy! Oh, how cute! I love all of your fishyness! You must have everything for any theme you could think of! :)
    Now I'm having a party on April 5th - The Heart of the Home Party - Show us your favorite cupboard! You have such a wonderful kitchen and I sure wish you'd come to the party! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I agree with everyone. YOu do the most wonderful table settings and vignettes. I'm always fascinated by what you do. So clever. My favorite by far were the ones during the fall...Halloween I think. Loved what you did. Your kitchen is great for decorating too. I just love it.
    I'll be back!

  6. Love the tablecloth Candy. It so Florida! The table setting colors are perfect!I am amazed that you have all these vintage dishes and candle holders.~Ames

  7. Wonderful table! I love the colors; so cheery!
    The fish plates are adorable. I love all your beachy and fishy decor on the table behind it also!

  8. What a fun and cheerful tablescape!!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. Your tables always have that WOW factor. My Fiesta is going on a road trip to a friends for a party.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  10. This was not only a wonderful tablescape but a fun kitchenscape..Thanks for all the eye candy..

  11. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! Somehow the fish scapes always seem to make a big "splash" :-) Such fun dishes to work with.


  12. Lovely! What a great tabletop! Please visit my blog for a giveaway~ Jennifer

  13. Candy, I have such a serious case of kitchen envy every time I visit you!!! Gosh, what a wonderful place to create & cook in...Lucky Dog!

    This is such a happy table. I'm enthralled with all the different pieces & the way you pulled them together, taking your cue from the colors in that beautiful vintage tablecloth. Beautifully done & I always learn something from reading about your collections.
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful world with us.

  14. Thanks everyone for stopping by to visit with this fish 'scape! If it doesn't stop raining here in California, we'll all be growing gills! Wet, wet, wet.


  15. Amazing! So beautifully put together--I could never do that--so I'm jealous! Love that big fish platter/plate. Patty

  16. Another great table Candy. I am lovin' those chargers. They are gorgeous. And the juice set in the metal carrier is so great. I love how you decorate the island to go with your table theme. Those fish napkin rings are so much fun! Thank you for linking up. laurie

  17. Thanks Patty and Laurie, so pleased you enjoyed your visit!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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