Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flirting With The Tropics

Flirting with the idea of going Up, Up and Away to the tropics!
Enough with the wet, cold, foggy, rainy ....... U is for Up, Up and Away ...

This vintage tablecloth holds the colors of the tropics and perhaps the
addition of some tropical fruits and some jerked chicken will have to
satisfy me for today. More details on the elements at the end of this post.

Calgon take me away .....

Fiesta Juniper Millennium III Vase
From a 2000 charity auction - #1 of 24

Scarlet Fiesta Hostess Bowl

Vintage Harlequin Ball Jug by Homer Laughlin

Contemporary condiment server

Vintage Kitchen Kraft Ball Jar from Homer Laughlin

Dinner plates Contemporary Fiesta
Salad plates and Salt/Pepper Shakers - Pier 1
Bowls - Contemporary Fiesta in Scalet, Juiper, White
Vintage green Depression glass
Metlox Spiral candle holders
Napkins, flatware - Home Goods
Napkin Rings - vintage Mexican from eBay
Topiaries - Michael's
Floral arrangement - Pier 1 and my garden

Thanks so much for stopping by again this week!

I'm joining:
Alphabe-Thursday at Jenny Matlock for the letter "U"  U is for Up, Up and Away


  1. So pretty....Did you have your tropical dinner? Hope so!

  2. I would offer to help carry luggage if you go! I am so ready for winter to be gone....

  3. It's beginning to look like spring here in southest Georgia,but I would love to go up,up,up and away to the tropics.

    This setting is sooo tropical, I can almost feel the breeze off the ocean, lovely!

  4. Great table and cloth! Your colors are really beautiful. You mix and match everything so well!

    I STILL adore your kitchen. :)


  5. Definitely a tropical feel to your tablescape. Gorgeous.

  6. Love the colors! I snagged those salad plates too. It's a great combination of colors which evoke a tropical feel on the table.

  7. A very pretty and colorful table!

  8. Oh this was F U N !
    Loved the tablescape...the first photo of the jet entering the sunset and the music!
    *happy weekend*

  9. Your tables are always so beautiful ... hope the meals were just as wonderful!

  10. Definitely very tropical looking tablescape! I love the parrot salt and pepper shakers and the napkin rings. Definitely makes me think of the rainforest with the colorful birds and all that lush green forest!

  11. Love the S&P's and napkin rings!!

  12. So sunny! The napkin rings are absolutely adorable, and what a fine green pitcher! Definitely a warm feeling little table! :)

  13. How lovely....

    I absolutely love that little green pitcher also....

    It would look great in my cabinet!!!

  14. Quick!

    Your shoelace is untied.

    What condiment server?

    Of course, I didn't snatch it when you were checking your shoe lace.

    Would I do such a thing to one of my favorite tablescapers ever?


    No, I am just very lumpy. It's lumpy fat. That is NOT your condiment server under my shirt.


    Thanks for another envy inducing link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter 'U'.

    Loved this!


  15. I'd love to be winging my way somewhere warm today too. Your table is a beautiful respite from the winter blahs. Thanks for sharing.

  16. What beautiful colours; I'm craving colour after a such a long, white winter. Thanks for sharing!


  17. Your tablescape looks great - so colorful and I love the cute tablecloth and all the parrot things (I have a real parrot who is going to be 25 years old)

  18. I am so lovin' the little salt n' pepper set. How cute! I also love the dinner plate. This is such a wonderful tropical setting. Thanks for linking up! Congratulations on your tablescape win at the High Tea. Your table and food were beautiful.

  19. Your tables always take my breath away. I love your use of bright colors. And, if I had your kitchen to walk into each morning, I would fast grin myself to death. :))

  20. Your lovely comments are greatly appreciated, thanks! It will be warm again someday .... soon I hope!


  21. Just gorgeous, I adore the tropical birds!! Thanks for always coming to the party!!!

  22. What flair you show today. I can't pick a favorite element because I like it all. I think I have figured out that you like vintage linens.

  23. So lush and green...the little birds are right at home in their tabletop rainforest!

  24. so many u shape items, how cute...

    thoughtful post on U.
    Have a lovely Day 2 U.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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