Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bird's Eye View

Turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) basking in the sun. I need a better lens. :-)

Did you know?
The Turkey Vulture is a large soaring bird that feeds on carrion. It's recognized by the featherless red head, white bill, large brown-black body and yellow feet. They can be easily spotted along roadways displaying their long wingspan and smooth soaring flight.

Wingspan extends to 170-178 cm (67-70 in)
Weight: 2000 g (70.6 ounces)
Size: 64-81 cm (25-32 in)
  • Turkey Vultures lay eggs directly on the ground.
  • They can fly low to the ground to pick up the scent of carrion .
  • A Turkey Vulture lives up to 20 years in the wild.
  • Turkey Vultures highly developed olfactory sense enable them to locate concealed carcasses.
  • Turkey vultures are sometimes mistakenly called buzzards, which is the British name for certain hawks.

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  1. Wow, very interesting facts. I've heard they can pick up small animals, is that true?

  2. I walked right by 3 last summer..within 5 feet of me! They were eating on a dead calf and here I am walking on the dirt road right next to them with my 2 little dogs and my Golden. They gave me the heebie-geebies big time! ;D

  3. Great photo's, yep,we call 'em BUZZARD'S in southest Georgia.
    They do keep all the smelly carrion, cleaned up, and really don't bother anyone.They just ain't to pretty to look at!hehe I'm glad we got 'em though.Thanks for sharing, We really don't think about things like this,but this is an awesome post with great info.
    We've had alot of wind in southeast Georgia,broke one of my Loblolly pines down, come take a look.

  4. Great photos! We have turkey vultures flying around in our area. We live close to a creek. I don't remember seeing them in years past, but see frequently now. They aren't very attractive birds. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  5. love your shots...awesome photo's...haven't seen turkey vultures in person...but hoping to see one in the future...visiting you from Outdoor Wednesday..followed you through GFC, hope you'll follow me back...

    mine's here:

  6. Wonderful photo's, thanks for sharing them!

  7. I have seen turkey vultures in person; but not often. Nice images! Information was helpful.
    Joyce M

  8. Great Photos! We have plenty of them here in New England too!!! I didn't know they lay eggs on the ground... Thanks for the "INFO"!!! I did see them mating in my trees once!!! Now that's something you don't see often, hehe!
    Hugs to you,

  9. Hello,
    this birds are really impressive.
    Greetings, Johanna

  10. That is pretty cool...the 3rd is my fave!

  11. Cool shots and really interesting information. Thanks.

  12. Thank you all for stopping by to see these guys! Surely not the most beautiful of birds, but they do keep the landscape cleaned up. See you all next week I hope.


  13. those are amazing shots. great information too. and i love your new (it's new right?) banner at the top. great stuff. happy WW (i'm late.. or.. early for this week maybe. yeah.. let's call it early ;) )

  14. Thanks Elva! The header here on TLRT changes a couple times each week ... whenever a new tablescape is posted. :-)



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