Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Week In My Garden - April 25, 2011

Our continuing monsoons are beating up my roses, so I've resorted to
rescuing some of them to bring inside.

These little 'Pinky' roses are from a climber and look like crushed velvet
all huddled together in a crystal candy dish.

Sunshine is predicted for tomorrow ...... and now it is TOMORROW!
And there is lots of sunshine ..... wooohooo!

'Pinky' - climber

The Acorn Woodpeckers must be raising babies, as they visit the feeder bowl frequently during the day.  Very interesting characters with great personalities. They live here year round in colonies, with only one pair breeding per year.  The rest of the flock helps to tend the chicks, both feeding and babysitting the new members of the colony.

Drenched, drowned and unable to hold its head up.

'Eden' - climber

Aeonium inflorescence

Lavatera maritima - Tree Mallow 'Bicolor'

Aloe in bloom, and up close and personal they almost look like hot peppers.

'Penelope' - musk rose

'Saluda' - miniature rose

Cistus x purpureus - Orchid Rock Rose

Cerinthe major 'Purperascens' - Honeywort, Blue Shrimp Plant

'Belle Epoque' - hybrid tea rose

'Altissimo' - climber

'Crepescule' - climber

Geum 'Blazing Sunset'

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  1. I have NEVER seen such clear pictures..what kind of a camera do you have? Every pic is so very beautiful, it's like being there with my young eyes! LOL Love the birds too with their red caps on, so cute :D

  2. Beautiful pics and wonderful flowers...thanks for sharing!!

  3. Mercy Me! So in addition to setting gorgeous tables you also grow beautiful roses and other flowers too I see. Multi talented you are! The roses are SO pretty and yes, you are a great photographer.

    We enjoy watching birds too and have some wood peckers PLUS eastern bluebird eggs in a house in our yard! Yipee!


  4. You need to start your own Coffee Table Photo book! All so gorgeous!

  5. You're getting monsoons and we're drying up in Texas! Oh, your roses are just gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Beautiful closeups Candy! Love your roses!

  7. Candy, Thanks for having me back! I can't believe all the buds on your amazing roses. Every one is beautiful! Jean

  8. Gorgeous photos! I love the acorn woodpeckers!

  9. Oh my Lord, your pictures are absolutely stunning!!! What a gorgeous garden you must have. Thanks for taking the time to put together this post for us. I know it took a long time!

  10. Love the Orchid Rock Rose!! It looks like it is made of tissue paper.

  11. Wow...what an impact of colorful blooms! Thank you kindly for sharing!

  12. Your photos are gorgeous. I also love the header and the whole design of your blog. It's just beautiful.

  13. Oh how gorgeous! We've been having rains up the ying yang as well but we don't even have any real flowers. So yours are a double sweet treat for my senior mom and me to enjoy as we keep thinking gardening, but keep her seeds she's started in the garage to protect them. Thank you for a lovely treat for Rednesday.

  14. My goodness gracious, your post this week reminds me of a Botanical Garden. Just lovely, yes, absolutely divine! Take care. See you next week.
    Joyce M

  15. Oh what a lovely flowers. I love it. Perfect for Rednesday,.

  16. Oh! My! Goodness!! This is one of the most beautiful posts I've ever seen!! Your flowers are beyond gorgeous!!
    Please tell me what kind of camera do you use? And how on earth do you get miniature roses to grow? My daughter and I have tried many times over...and no luck!
    Absolutely beautiful post..beautiful blog!! Gorgeous!

  17. Thanks so much for all your generous comments and for visiting my garden again this week.

    My camera is a Nikon D90 with a standard kit lens. I've been using it about a year and am still learning. I'm so pleased you enjoyed my pictures.


  18. Morning.. I just love your blog.. I am a rather new blogger but I just wanted to let you know that I have shouted out your blog to my followers..
    Granny (Judy)

  19. i love how you capture all your beautiful flowers, you must have a nice camera to shoot all these!

    my WW entry is up too, please check it out -->
    OH oh, Bobos!

  20. You just made my day with your beautiful photos! Love the closeups of the woodpeckers too. We have lots of woodpeckers here in the desert but they are not of the red-headed variety..very cute anyway....but I love the ones with the little red heads ;)

  21. Your photos are just stunning!! I really enjoyed visiting you today!!

  22. We saw a piloted woodpecker a few weeks ago up on the hill behind out house, but sadly we have not seen him since. Your woodpeckers are out of this world...and to have babies...that is unbelievable. Also, your photographs of the flowers are drop dead gorgeous. A wonderful post for both memes.

  23. Oh Candy, What a gorgeous Rednesday you're havin! The flowers are paradise...you can almost smell thru the screen!

  24. Thanks so much for your nice comments, I am so pleased you enjoyed your visits here in the garden.


  25. The acorn woodpecker is adorable--and brilliantly colored!


    The seeker of ruby and red
    Will not let green go to her head;
    Instead she will seek
    Her senses to pique
    With cherry and crimson instead.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Stunning Red Rocks

  26. Hello Candy! I discovered your blog from Savvy Southern Style. I am a participant of the Wow Us Wednesday too.

    I love all the pictures. I live in the city so I very seldom see flowers and all those elements of the nature.

    I'm beginning to like your blog. Even your header picture is beautiful. It's very homey and alive, full of colors.

    I hope we could develop a connection by following each others blogs.

    Have a great day!

  27. Thanks for visiting Diane, glad you enjoyed your visit.


  28. WOW!!!! Absolutely gorgeous. I lost all my Aloe with the hard freeze we had in February. My Aloe used to bloom in October.

  29. Hi Monica -

    Those winter cold snaps can really be bad for some of the Aloes. I have many varieties and one or another is blooming pretty much throughout the year. I'm finding our location here at the new house is not as friendly to some of the varieties.



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