Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beware of Falling Cows

I think I'll be acquiring one of these cautionary signs very soon.
Who knew living in the country could be so dangerous.

A little background.
It is Spring and the local raccoon population is very active.
After losing $40 of koi food to the raccoons last fall, I now keep the
food tubs close to the house and in raccoon proof containers.
Friday night I heard the clever creatures on the patio and sure enough
they were attempting to open the vaults to the bird seed and fish food.
Lights on, loud noises, stomping feet, it's easy enough to scare them away.
This went on throughout the evening hours and then all was quiet.

Mr. TLRT went to bed and I settled in for some repair work on TLRT after the
recent disruption in Blogger service.  Loud noises from outside, lots of scuffling and crashing. Lights on, doors opened ..... nothing. Hmmmm. Lights off, settle in again.  This was repeated several times and finally all was quiet.

Within minutes, very loud noises, lots of crashing sounds ..... maybe they are in the garbage cans?  ALL the outside lights on surrounding the house and 1 acre garden. Now I am truly becoming annoyed. Nothing.

And then I got scared.  Crashing metal, the dogs next door are going crazy, loud
scary hissing noises.  All the doors are now closed and locked, all the lights are on, my mind is weaving all kinds of horror movie scenarios,  and then it became very quiet. Not a sound, not a breath of air, nothing.

I admit to my mind whirling into an irrational series of "what was that?" speculations. I sure wasn't going to go outside and investigate! The electric meter whirred happily at the unexpected surge of usage over the next few hours as I tried to calm my nerves. Mountain lion? Wild pigs? Aliens?

Morning brought a simple explanation.
 There is was a lean-to shed outside the back garden wall that houses the tractor, mower, garden cart etc. Silly cow either fell or jumped onto the roof of the shed from the hillside. Actually I think the raccoons probably pushed the cow over the edge! Cows, sheet metal and tractors aren't a good combination in all circumstances. How the thing extricated itself from the debris will always be a mystery.

A little bit of blood from a cut foot, poor cow. :(
A demolished shed, with 2 inch steel pipes bent like twigs.
A tractor with a crushed hood, broken seat, and a snapped in half hydraulic line.

Was this the culprit?  We probably will never know.

The little orange tractor will be fine after some repairs.

The racoons were back again last night, leaving their muddy footprints all over the food tubs. I do love living in the country, except for the falling cows.

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  1. What a great story! I do feel so sorry for the cow, how did she get herself up and out?! The raccoons they are rather rascally critters, had one in my roof one time, almost gave my then-tenants a heart attack! They packed up and went to spend the night at their son's house.....and I live in one of NYC's boroughs! xo,

  2. Yes, a great story. Sorry for the damage. We have hundreds of raccoons visiting our pond. We have captured over 400. You might want to get a live trap and then take them into the hills. Kernels of corn in a bowl of water works best. Racoons have reduced our female duck population to ZERO.

  3. That is wild! Fact is stranger than fiction sometimes!

  4. Could you do a DNA test on that cow blood?
    Makes the raccoons seem almost friendly, limiting themselves to petty thievery instead of shed-and-tractor-wrecking.
    Wonderful story.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Oh, my goodness! I never thought about falling cows. Flying deer, maybe, and lots of coons into our garden, but NO cows, yet. Friday on my drive to work I did see a dead one alongside the interstate which really shocked me. I am used to the dead deer but not cows. They must be very restless this year. Poor tractor. You cannot do without it, though you can do without the cows and coons!

  6. Hilarious Candy!!! I read this aloud to my hubby and daughter, and we were roaring laughing!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Terrific yellow!!!
    Have a great week!

  8. You are a good story teller. Poor cow! I hope he's ok. Funny I read this cause we were just driving around today and I was taking pictures of white cows...Christine

  9. Funny story; I'm glad the cow survived her adventure!

    Raccoons are smart: we feed our cats outside, and the coons used to eat much more than the kitties. Then I got smart (finally!) and started picking up the cat bowls, storing them in a metal garbage can with the bag of food and the lid tied on. The coons knocked the can over a time or two, but soon found it didn't do any good and quit trying. Feeding our cats is much less expensive now!

  10. What a funny story. Great shots too.

    Have a fabulous week!

    Liz @ MLC

  11. Falling cows are too weird for me; but it happens!

  12. Good heavens - that's a new one!

  13. gee..falling cow!? thank goodness, he/she seemed not to hurt bad. Those raccoons can be such a nuisance but for sure, your life never gets boring with them:) have a good week ahead!

  14. WOW! What an unexpected event!

  15. Gosh I certainly hope that cow will be alright. Disappointment on the tractor damage, that can be expensive to repair. We have raccoons here too, and opposums, and armadillos so I can relate. They are pesky buggers!~Ames

  16. Hilarious! What a great story, Candy! I'm sure it wasn't hilarious or great at the time, though! Glad you, Mr. TLRT, the tractor and the food are okay.
    I really do think you need to have one of those signs made and attach it to the lean-to. It would make for some great conversation.

  17. LOL! I'm glad you enjoyed my little tale of things that go BUMP in the night! What a mess it was. Mr. TLRT is still trying to locate a replacement for the hydrualics.


  18. We live in a quiet suburb community and last fall we had a raccoon hiding out in one of our aspen trees. All the dogs around our house were freaking out. Luckily he didn't do any damage or bite any of the dogs. We watching him climb out of the tree and scurry away as quick as he could.

    They can be little pests!!

  19. Bloggy - I have a friend who calls raccoons "giant rats" and that pretty much sums it up! LOL



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