Monday, June 6, 2011

D - Day x 2

June 6, 1944
A day never to be forgotten

And in our family another reason to remember.

I had the strangest conversation with Mr. TLRT  on the way to the hospital
that day in 1969.  Women in hard labor tend to babble, but I kept telling him
we needed to remember that it was D-Day.  "Delivery day?", he asked.
"No", said I, "it's D-Day."  I had grown up with the occupying forces in Germany
and it was a day of great significance. He just patted my hand, looked at me
like I had lost it completely and drove like a madman.

June 6, 1969 was the day DD joined our family.

Happy Birthday Pam!


  1. I guess you have extra reasons to remember. Congratulations Mama.
    Thanks for remembering the other reason as well.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter. And thank you for always remembering D Day. My father was part of the first group of Canadian soldiers to land in Normandy. We must not forget our history.

  3. Thanks for sharing, happy birthday to your daughter! My nephew just returned from a company-sponsored trip to Paris, his first stop was Normandy, something he's long been very interested in. It's important to remember these events and those who gave their lives to keep our country free.

  4. I love a good bit of family lore - and this one is lovely!

  5. Outstanding roses, Candy!

    I'm using Firefox now instead of IE, and my ability to post a comment has returned! :~D

  6. And a very Happy Birthday to Pam!!

  7. Thanks ladies! If I'm only about 34 years old, how is it that I have a 42 year old daughter???

    Excellent Saarin, happy to hear you found a solution. You might want to try Google Chrome too, it's a light weight browser that has been a no fail joy for me.



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